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The Latest Developments in LED UV Inks And LED UV Drying Systems To Look Out For in 2022

What Is The Best Digital Printing System For Narrow Web Printing?

The Writing on The Wall: Skills Shortage Affects the UK & European Label Printing Sector

ACCURIOLABEL 230 Label Printing Machine From Konica Minolta – Available Now Through Focus Label Machinery Ltd

What Is Hybrid Printing Technology And What Are The Key Benefits?

PRESS RELEASE - Konica Minolta - Accurio Label 230 digital label press


New Innovations In Food Packaging – Moisture Barrier Coatings


Peel & Reveal Label Printing Made Simple



Should You Invest In A Used Flexo Label or Digital Printing Machine?

Anilox Scoring- What, Why, and How?

Focus Label: Innovate Textile & Apparel 2020

Food Contact Inks: How To Avoid Ink Migration

Should You Repair or Replace your Flexographic Press?

How Cloud-based Labelling Software is Helping Print Businesses During The C19 Crisis

Has Covid-19 Increased The Shift To Digital In The Textile Printing Industry?

How to Determine the Total Cost of Ownership When Investing in a Digital Printing Press

Print Industry Trends To Look Out For In The Second Half Of 2020 & 2021

Are Bumpy Labels The Future Of Food Labelling?

How Sustainable Are Flexographic Printing Plates?

How To Save Money On Your Labels - Efficient Printing

How Can I Make My Printing Processes Environmentally Friendly?

New Flexo’ Machine With In Line Hot Melt Coating Launched!

What Is Offset Lithographic Printing And How Does It Work?

Discover How Focus Label’s dFlex & dPack Machines Can Benefit You

The Importance Of Staying Current With Print And Packaging Industry Standards

NEW TRENDS: A Quick Guide To Recycled Rock Paper Labels

How To Source Your Printing Materials Responsibly


Flexographic Printing Machines: The Proflex Series

Covid-19 Statement

A Quick Guide To Biodegradable Label Materials

5 Ways You Can Operate A Responsible Printing Press

2 Ways To Completely Ruin An Environmentally Friendly Label

Bellwoven Add Focus LX6 To Their UK Production Facility

3 Reasons To Choose Focus Labels For Your Next Capital Investment

An Introduction To Printing Press Machine Parts & Maintenance

Why Invest In A Focus Label Machinery Flexographic Printing Press?

Looking Forward To Drupa - Updated

Which Kind Of Ink Should I Be Using In My Printing Machine?

Why You Need To Attend More Events Within The Print & Packaging Industry

Top Health & Safety Tips When Using A Digital Label Printing Machine

Troubleshooting Your Label Printing Machine: Jams & Blockages

Why Flexo Is A Superior Choice For Your Printing Needs

What’s The Difference Between Silk Screen Printing And Heat Transfer?

Troubleshooting Your Label Printing Machine: Noises & Alarms

How Digital Printing Changed The Packaging Industry

Postponement of the 17th Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG), 2020

Focus Announce New Partnership

A Flying Start For Corporate Tabs And Labels

Our Thoughts On Labelexpo Europe 2019

Double Installation For Labfax

Why Training Is Important When Buying A Digital Label Printing Press

Why Prioritise Quality Over Cost For Your Digital Label Printing Press?

Focus Label Joins FlexoTech International Print & Innovation Awards As Silver Sponsors

Label Centre Install Dflex Digital Hybrid Press

Everything You Need to Know About A Focus D-Flex Machine

Understanding Pre-Press Software Packages & The Benefits They Offer

Label Expo Europe 2019 Recap

Join Us At Labelexpo Europe 2019 Later This Month!

The Growing Trend Towards Heat Transfers For Branding ID & Labelling

What Is Image Transfer In Flexo Printing?

3 Common Flexo-Printing Defects You Should Be Aware Of

What Is Dot Gain & What Can You Do About It?

Labelexpo Europe 2019 - Platemate Platemounting Systems

How To Increase The Speed Of Your Printing Press

ITMA 2019: What We Learned

What You Can Expect from Focus Label At Labelexpo 2019

Flexo Press Installation At Advanced Labels

What Is Serigraphy?

ITMA 2019: Thanks For Your Support!

The FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards Return For 2019

Where To Get Flexo & Digital Printing Training?

Visit Focus Label At Labelexpo Europe 2019

What Is A Heat Transfer Label/Tag?

4 Advantages Of Flexible Packaging

What Are Textile Labels Used For?

Visit Our Focus Label Exhibition Stand At ITMA 2019

Printing Process Training With RotoMetrics

Digital Developments In Garment Labelling

Focus Label Will Be Participating In ITMA 2019

Why Invest In A New Flexographic Press In 2019

Focus To Partner With Lundberg At Labels & Print 2019, NEC Birmingham 27th & 28th February

A Quick Look At The Focus eFlex Series: Features and Benefits

Reasons To Visit Our Demo Showroom In Nottingham

The Focus Label Machinery Approach To Research & Development

What Can You Expect At ITMA 2019

Invitation To Visit Focus Label Machinery & Our Manufacturing, Production & Showroom Facilities

An Exciting Opportunity Has Opened For A ‘Business Development And Marketing Manager'

LED Drying Tech: The Future of Flexography

Our Narrow Web Rotary Flexo Printing Machines: Reasons To Invest In 2019

The Softly-Softly Approach Brings Family Together

'​'Save the Date'​'​ 26th & 27th March 2019

We Are Attending The DTG 2019 Exhibition

What's New In The Flexo Press Industry?

How To Get The Best Value From Your Printing Press

Secura Labels – Case Study Focus Label Machinery Proflex 330E

Staying Ahead In Printed Ribbon & Garment Label Business In 2019: Our FREE Investment Guide

Garment Labeling & Digital Printing

Should I Really Be Looking At Digital Print & Finishing Systems For My Business?

Focus Label: Custom designed label printing & finishing equipment

Alternatives In Printing Textile/Garment/Apparel Labels

My Flexo-Press Is Faulty: Where To Look For Spare Parts?

Focus Label Are Sponsors Of The FlexoTech Awards

Last Bros – Case Study

Should You Invest In A Used Flexo Printing Machine?

How To Reduce Your Flexo Press Lifetime Repair Bill

How Flexo Press Operator Training Can Boost Productivity, Cut Downtime & Save Money

The 9 Main Advantages Of The Flexo Print Process

Why Buy A New Fabric Printing Machine Over A Used One?

We're A Gold Sponsor for Rotometrics European Open Event 2018

A Brief Look At The Flexo Printing Process

What Is The Flexographic Printing Process?

What Does The Future Hold For Drying Systems On Narrow Web Flexographic Printing Presses?

What Is A Flexo Printing Press?

What Are Flexographic Printing Plates?

How Much Do Flexo Printing Machines Cost?

How Does Flexography Work?

Flexography Advantages & Disadvantages

Personal Invitation To Visit Focus Label Machinery - 20th & 21st March 2018

Flexo vs. Offset Printing (The 3 Main Differences Explained)

CLC (UK) Limited – Case Study

Label & Print 2018, NEC Birmingham, 28th February - 1st March, Stand K10

Emerging Trends In The Label Printing Industry Today That You Can't Afford To Not Know!

Save The Date - Open Invitation To Visit Focus Label Machinery - 20th & 21st March 2018

What Is The Outlook For Flexographic Printing For The Next 5 Years?

Join Us At Label & Print 2018, NEC Birmingham, 28th February - 1st March, Stand K10

2018 Trends In Packaging Film & Label Printing Equipment

Why You Need To Move To Digital Label Printing Equipment Now!

Why Invest In A New Label Printing Machine?

d-Flex Digital Hybrid To Last Bros Cheshunt - Press Release

Staying Ahead In The Label Printing Business In 2018: Our FREE Investment Guide

A Brief Guide To Label Converting Machinery

4 Things You Need To Know About Modern Industrial Printing Machines

What Digital Label Printing Equipment Should I Invest In For My Business?

Focus Label Machinery Limited – Proud To Have Sponsored The Earth Island Solution Awards

Creating A Business Case For Moving To Servo Label Printing Machines

The Best Advice You'll Hear All Year To Help You Stay Ahead In The Label Printing Industry!

Visit Focus Label At IPEX 2017

How To Reduce Label Printing Costs In 3 Simple Steps

2018 Trends In Packaging Film & Paper Printing Equipment

How To Choose The Best New Flexo Press For 2018

Choosing The Right Anilox For Each Label Printing Application

Where To find Us At The Label Expo 2017 – 21 Days To Go!

What You Can Expect From Focus Label At The Label Expo 2017

Live Demonstrations Of The Latest Models From Focus Label At Label Expo 2017

Enhance Your Label Printing Machinery At The Label Expo 2017!

What Is Hybrid Printing Technology & What Are The Key Benefits?

Cresta Labels – Case Study

Klise Kop – Press Release

Visit Focus Label At Labelexpo 2017

The Current State Of Print Technology In 2017

3 Main Reasons To Upgrade Your Label Printing Equipment

New Vs Used Label Printing Machines: Which Offers The Best Value?

How To Buy A New Label Printing Machine From Focus Labels

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Flexographic Printing Machinery

Why Buying A Flexo Label Printing Machine Will Be One Of The Most Significant Purchases You Will Make

Why Flexographic Printing Equipment Is Far Better Than These Alternatives

The Benefits Of Buying Your Flexo Printing Machines From A Trusted Flexographic Printing Press Manufacturer

Buying A New Vs Used Flexo Printing Machine – What Are The Pros & Cons?

What Should You Invest For A Narrow Web Flexographic Label Press?

Flexo-Printing Machines For Sale – 3 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Understanding The Flexographic Printing Process To Reduce Your Costs

4 Of The Best Flexo-Printing Machines Out There Right Now!

Types Of Flexographic Label Printing Presses You Need To Know About

Open Invitation To Visit Focus Label Machinery - 1st March 2017

Key Components Of A Flexographic Printing Machine

How To Reduce Downtime With A Narrow Web Printing Machine

Flexographic Printing & The Future Of Label Printing Technology

Why The Competitive Value Of The Pound Makes NOW A Great Time To Buy From UK Flexo Printing Press Manufacturers

Food Label Printing Explained

Printing Machinery Suppliers – What To Look For

6 Easy Steps To Better Understanding Your Customer's Custom Product Label Printing Requirements

Hybrid Combination Technology

What Questions Should I Ask A Digital Label Printing Equipment Supplier?

Digital Label Printing Machines: An Overview

How To Print Labels On Ribbons Using A Fabric Printing Machine

How To Choose The Best Heat Transfer Press Machine For Applying Tagless Transfer Labels To Garment & Apparels

How To Maximise The Efficiency Of Your Textile Printing Machinery In Four Easy Steps

How To Print Labels On Textile Ribbon

How To Print Labels On Elastics – Top Label Printing Machines To Use

What is Causing the Global Rise in Paper Prices?

Printing Plates: A History Of Flexographic Printing

Anilox Roll Scoring in Printing - What, Why & How

Which Textile Label Printing Machine Is Best To Print Labels Onto Ribbons?

Anilox Roll Technology For Printing Garment Labels, Textile Ribbons & Elastics

The Future of Textile, Label and Ribbon Printing

5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Label Printing Machine Manufacturer

How to Print Labels Using Heat Transfers

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