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NEW TRENDS: A Quick Guide To Recycled Rock Paper Labels

Posted by David Lee on May 29, 2020 2:30:00 PM

Rock Paper Label

Demands from print buyers are changing. Not only must a label meet strict performance & durability tests. It may need to go through a series of product devices, be highly printable & colourful, tolerate a heat & cold, whilst offering environmental advantages, and be affordable.

REQUEST A DEMORecycled rock paper labels

They are an environmentally-friendly option that is highly flexible and suited for a variety of purposes, reduce unnecessary landfill while delivering a safe, premium product that is sure to convey a positive environmental message for any packaging & product business. This has become a positive consideration with buyers from larger retailers demanding their supply chain is seen to be leading by example.

What are recycled rock paper labels made from?

Recycled rock paper is made from one-fifth recycled high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) – commonly used to make plastic milk bottles and detergent containers – and 80% marble mining waste. The process of marble mining has a significant impact on the environment in terms of the amount of energy consumed and the excessive waste accumulated in the form of dust and offcuts. Marble mining waste, which otherwise would be deposited in landfill, can be ground into tiny particles and used to make rock paper labels, helping to protect the environment and giving labels a high-quality, premium feel.

The advantages of recycled rock paper labels

With a variety of label types from which to choose from, it can be confusing knowing which will meet your client’s needs most effectively. While some labels are a mixed blessing (cheap but difficult to remove, for example), recycled rock paper labels offer several fantastic all-round advantages that make them a first choice for many products.

Excellent durability

The durability of rock paper labels is one of their main advantages, making them an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Rock paper labels are greaseproof, waterproof, tear-proof, and fully comply with food safety regulations for contact with moist and dry foodstuffs.

Unique soft texture

Recycled rock paper labels resemble paper in many ways but, without the fibrous grain of paper, the substrate is smoother to the touch. With a 100-micron thickness, rock paper labels have an unblemished texture that oozes sophistication. A matt surface enables print to stand out prominently – perfect for communicating your client’s brand, company slogan or essential product information, such as ingredients, for consumers.

Highly Printable & Flexible application

Rock paper labels are ideal for a variety of uses and their design and adhesion can be customised according to your client’s needs. For example, the quality of surface finish provides an excellent pallet of vivid colours and different print types can be added to create a unique effect, such as metallic foil, while rock paper labels can be permanently affixed to products or applied with a peelable adhesive for easy removal from packaging for ease of recycling.

Discuss your requirements

At Focus Label, our extensive range of label printing machines are the perfect solution to your printing needs. To discuss your project and obtain a free quote, please get in touch or arrange to visit our showroom (after COVID-19 movement restrictions are lifted) to see a demonstration of our printing presses.

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