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3 Reasons To Choose Focus Labels For Your Next Capital Investment

Posted by David Lee on Mar 2, 2020 12:14:42 PM

3 Reasons To Choose Focus Labels For Your Next Capital Investment

Are you considering investing in a new printing press in 2020?

Quality is absolutely vital. However, for us it is also about care, support, investment and expertise.

Here’s how and why:

1) In-House Engineering

At Focus, we’re extremely proud of what we do. It’s just as well, because we’ve been designing and manufacturing machines since 1981, meaning that many of our engineers have given decades of their professional lives to the evolution of the company.

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Our experience has allowed us to thrive as a manufacturer of flexographic, digital, and hybrid printing presses. We do everything entirely in-house. This means that you get all the benefits that come with training, servicing, spare parts and consumables, engineering support, and advice, all in one place.

2) UK Manufacturer

There are times when opting for a UK manufacturer can make the world of difference. Aside from knowing that the company has to legally adhere to stringent health and safety regulations and quality controls, simply being in the same country as the engineering team can save valuable time and cost.

After all, if a new upgrade is made available or a part is needed, it makes sense to have the team who designed and built the original machine come over and install it. At Focus we offer fast remote or on-site support. This keeps productivity running at optimum and means that you always have an expert on-hand if you need one.

3) Continual Investment

Would you be surprised to learn that many of our original flexo presses from the 1980s are still with their original owners?

This is – of course – an excellent investment for them.

However, it doesn’t mean that our R&D stands still. We pour a significant amount of time and energy into on-going research, development, and training. It means that we keep ourselves at the forefront of development.

Whatever it takes to keep our clients and their customers at the cutting edge of printing, we aim to make available. This might involve investing in tech upgrades, such as LED drying, or the best software on the market, such as Packz.

Come & See For Yourself

Our demo showroom is the place to see all of our developments in action. Visiting the Focus demo room is an ideal way to get a sense of current flexographic, digital, and hybrid capabilities. It’s also a perfect opportunity to connect directly with the engineers and technicians who spend their lives designing and manufacturing the units, who are the best people to answer your questions about the machines.

To book a visit, please get in touch or click here to browse our flexographic printing machines.


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