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How To Get The Best Value From Your Printing Press

Posted by David Lee on Dec 11, 2018 10:47:00 AM

How To Get The Best Value From Your Printing Press

In recent decades, the digital age has had a large influence on the printing industry and instrumental in improving & regulating industry standards. From management software controlling stock, quoting jobs, Production control to graphics production there has never been a more exciting time for the industry. What was only available to large corporations is now within the realms of most small to medium size companies.


Small digital printing equipment with the ability to print 4 colour process images & variable text are relatively inexpensive to buy and workers can operate and maintain them with relative ease. However, more and more often, companies are discovering the shortcomings of pure digital printing. Businesses are finding that even the more sophisticated digital printers are unsuited to industrial demands, high-volume printing and will handle only a limited variety of substrates or require expensive offline finishing equipment for converting of digital prints.

Enter The Hybrids

Despite increasing digitalisation, flexographic technology has continued to earn its salt as the most versatile and economic method for medium to high-volume printing. Modern Flexo presses are geared up for short runs too. One way to capitalise on the digital revolution is to consider the benefits in a hybrid press – essentially a digital inkjet machine that incorporates certain key types of flexographic & converting technology to provide a streamline production solution.

The latest Ink jet engines are approaching speeds of production comparable to conventional flexo at 100 Mts/min , with exceptional 1800dpi graphics , there are a good selection of standard substrates available without the need for special coatings. At our fully functioning showroom near Nottingham, our team can show you how the hybrid process enables you to plan your print runs, fine-tuning production so that you gain the maximum productivity from your financial outlay.

A hybrid press combines digital, analogue & converting technology within a traditional flexographic machine process. Combining digital with the flexographic process allows you to use a wider range of colours and ink types than pure digital technology. These details add up to a process that is less expensive, faster and more efficient production.

Analogue Flexo Printing Presses

Many businesses already use flexo technology alongside some sort of Digital printing system as standalone equipment. Focus builds a number of Flexo Press types; presses include the Centra-Flex 4 – 6 + 1 colour central impress press, the eFlex 2 to 10 colour press and the ProFlex 2 – 10 colour press. With ease of operation & quick job change in mind, these machines print on a variety of substrates, including packaging, flexible films, papers, meat casings and cartons, tickets, labels and security labels.

The Reflex is our offline finishing system converting and finishing pre-printed digital labels from other sources, such as HP Indigo, Xiekon and Memjet, it is offered with a Single Colour Flexographic Print section designed to cover print & finish digitally-printed substrates, with spot colours, foil and laminating with full or semi-rotary converting options.

The Total Printing Picture

At Focus we offer your business a complete, personal service. Every machine we supply can be customised to suit your requirements. We install and demonstrate your equipment, and train your personnel to use it safely and efficiently. We do not outsource our services; we have selected our in-house team from qualified UK printing, design and technical specialists.

We offer follow-up servicing, spare parts and consumable replacements. Our support & service is a rapid response one, since we know that a delayed print run will cost your company valuable time. Our research into technology is ongoing, and we constantly inform customers on ways to improve their production outputs.

For more information please give us a call or download our free Ultimate Guide To Flexographic Printing.

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