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Why Flexo Is A Superior Choice For Your Printing Needs

Posted by David Lee on Feb 3, 2020 4:31:44 PM

Why Flexo Is A Superior Choice For Your Printing Needs 1

Flexographic printing imprints a crystal-clear image onto a substrate from flexible print plates wrapped around rapidly rotating rollers, enabling the fast printing of long-run orders with no loss of quality. You’ll be familiar with the method if you’ve seen film of newspapers being churned out at incredible speed on long sheets of paper, but flexographic printing is also used to produce food packaging, gift wrap, wallpaper and self-adhesive labels. As modern technology has improved the ease with which the print plates can be created and customised, flexo has cemented its position as a leader in high-volume label and packaging printing.

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Why Is Flexo A Superior Choice For Printing?

Flexographic printing offers several advantages over other forms of printing, making it a superior choice for many label printing businesses:

1) Versatility

Few printing techniques offer the versatility of flexography. As well as paper and card, a diverse assortment of substrates can be printed, including plastic, metallic films and cellophane, making flexo particularly effective in the production of food packaging. In fact, there are very few materials that cannot be used as a substrate, so the process offers excellent versatility for any printing venture.

2) Speed

Efficiency and speed are the greatest assets of flexo printing, being able to print up to 250 metres per minute with no need to constantly reload the substrate. This means that high volumes of printing can be completed rapidly with excellent cost-effectiveness, counteracting the set-up time to create the flexible print plate at the start of the process, but without a loss of quality.

3) Adaptability

Because the substrate is loaded as rolls of material, flexo is perfect for printing continuous patterns, such as wallpaper, or large quantities of identical food packaging and labels. Once the print plate has been built and the ink wells filled, the process can be commenced and allowed to run with little need for interruption. Flexo can cope well with substrates of different thicknesses, giving you greater choice when planning your print run.

Is Flexo The Answer To Your Business’s Printing Problem?

Flexo offers your business a fast, high quality and cost-effective solution to the need for long-run printing, with greater flexibility than other processes. To find out more, download our free Guide to Flexographic Printing and arrange a visit to our Nottingham showroom for a demonstration of our flexographic presses, where you can discuss the needs of your business with our friendly experts.


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