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Flexographic Printing Projections For Covid Recovery

Posted by David Lee on Oct 17, 2022 9:05:25 AM




There has been much ink spilt over the past year about the negative impact of Covid on the flexographic printing sector and more recent damaging strikes for material supplies, but there are reasons for the print industry to feel optimistic in spite of this. Regardless of Covid-19, the industry is looking healthy and dynamic and is anticipated to continue its projected growth over the next few
years. Whilst we remain in uncertain times, we can look ahead to the printing trends that are likely to come to the fore as we move into a post-Covid world.

Increased speed and automation

Technological advancements are already having a clear impact on the printing industry, making the whole process speedier, more nimble, and increasingly user-friendly. In particular, hybrid &amp; digital presses offer the benefits of a faster and more automated process, with machinery that is more intuitive to use. In turn, this has an impact on efficiency and productivity, allowing printers to offer shorter turnaround times to their customers.

The rise in digital presses presents brands with new possibilities by increasing the feasibility of shorter and more sustainable print runs without compromising on print quality. These trends are already being seen as new presses &amp; digital finishing equipment come to the market, and this is set to continue to grow.

Lots of changes to substrates

Modern flexographic and digital printing allow for the use of a wider range of sustainable and plastic-free substrates, and we can expect to see more changes to the variety of substrates that are used. Innovative substrates intended to be vegan-friendly are coming onto the market, and the demand for substrates like this is growing among the customer base of textile, label, and packaging.

Growing demand from the food industry

The food and beverage industry has reported an increasing demand for labels and reduced packaging during the pandemic, as consumers spend more time eating at home, and domestic alcohol consumption. Already a sizeable consumer of flexographic printing services, the food and beverage industry is expected to hold the largest share of the printing market over the coming years through the growth of craft branding.

What next?

Focus Label are specialists in supplying high quality flexographic and digital printing presses to suit a variety of requirements for label &amp; packaging printing. To find out more about how our presses can help your business as you move on from Covid-19, please get in contact with one of our technical sales team.

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