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What Is A Heat Transfer Label/Tag?

Posted by David Lee on Jun 14, 2019 9:13:44 AM

What Is A Heat Transfer Label or Tag

A heat transfer is a method of taking a printed image and fixing the image directly to the garment in order to copy the image onto the garment itself. Typically, this technology has been used for customising t-shirts and, more recently, for the application of “tag-less” labels.Because the heat transfer process ensures that the design is embedded into the sublayers of the printed surface, the design will last the lifetime of the garment.

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The unique selling feature for this technology has been ‘No More Scratchy Labels’ but there are technical advantages too! For example, in sports-related garments - where every reduction in weight equals performance improvement. Typically, these labels are used in automotive products and apparel/garments that have direct skin contact such as underwear, t-shirts, and swimwear.

How Does Heat Transfer Printing Work?

  • The design image is printed onto special transfer paper or synthetic film. This substrate has a special coating known as a release layer. This aids the transfer of the image onto the garment. The image is printed in reverse on one side with the coating.
  • Methods of printing include Silk Screen, Flexo, Digital or sometimes a combination of two of these systems. Focus has developed both its Letterflex and Silk Screen equipment under the TAGTRANS umbrella for volume production of tag-less labels and heat transfers.
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  • The printed image is applied to the garment through a heat press at a controlled temperature, under specific pressure and an exact time. Heat presses can be a sample clam shell design or semi-automated in a production line.
  • The textile substrate is laid on the press, and the printed transfer paper or film is then placed on top with the inked side in contact with the fabric.
  • The press is set to the recommended pressure and time.
  • The handle is lowered to clamp the heat press shut; an alarm will sound when the time is up.
  • The transfer paper is then peeled off (some types must be left until they are cold; others should be removed while still warm) leaving the inked design permanently transferred into the fibres of the garment.

Quality, Reliability & Versatility

Heat transfers produced on Focus TAGTRANS equipment are high quality, reliable, and ensure reduction in waste production compared with those on manually produced equipment. Our technology can be customised to your individual requirements and tailored to whatever textiles you need to apply tag-less labels to.


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Find Out More

To find out more about how the Focus TAGTRANS range can benefit your business, click here to get in touch, or or come and find us at our ITMA 2019 stand on 20th-26th June! We'd love to see you there.

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