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A Quick Look At The Focus eFlex Series: Features and Benefits

Posted by David Lee on Feb 19, 2019 11:20:00 AM

A Quick Look At The Focus eFlex Series - Features and BenefitsToday, everything is about flexibility, and the eFlex takes the demands of combining quality, speed, and control in its stride. If you require a state of the art printing press that promises crystal-clear graphic quality at the touch of a button, read on.

Today’s Quality. Tomorrow’s Technology.

Using digital drives through Servo technology, the eFlex brings together one-touch pre-register set up, open architecture, and re-registering options with high-speed, low-energy drying & printing. In other words, it’s easy to use and offers the highest quality result. The eFlex loves to perform, and this means that every image that rolls off the press with precision clarity.

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Branching Out

In response to a competitive arena where versatility rules, the eFlex is designed to be used with a range of substrates. These include films, labels, tickets, board and cartons. The open architecture print station design means that these can be switched effortlessly, which reduces downtime and boosts productivity.

Like the rest of the Proflex family, the e-Flex features an optional rigid rail system. This means that various different options can be mounted over the press and moved into the required position. These include applications such as a turn bar, delam-relam, cold foil, lamination, silk screen, and ink jet. This means that shifting between jobs & special applications is smooth, accurate, and fast.

Embracing Efficiency

Every penny matters, and every second has value. The e-Flex flaunts a range of features that are designed to reduce cost and speed-up production. This includes efficient, low-energy drying systems, such as no-heat LED UV. This option does not only save energy, it eliminates the need for pre-heating start-ups, reduces drying time, and increases the range of substrates that can be printed on.

The re-register option is a nifty feature that allows pre-printed webs from other digital equipment to be imported in seconds. Thanks to Servo technology, these webs can be thoroughly tested prior to any print runs, including viewing the finished design when crushed or crinkled.

Keeping It Clean

Ink can be a messy business. Cleaning can be a drain on working hours. Next generation flexo presses, such as the eFlex, are all about accessibility and easy access and ability to clean away from the press, increasing valuable production time and reducing down time. Options are available for corona treaters and web cleaners, whilst air-knife drying systems minimise splatter and are straightforward to clean. The overall effect is a machine that looks smart, acts smart, and stays smart.

What Next?

Digital & Modular designed construction will ensure your investment keeps up with fast moving technology, with possibilities to add on Digital print solutions too.

If you’re interested in seeing what next generation flexographic printing presses look like in action, you’re not alone. Our working showroom allows you to see the eFlex in action, whilst giving you the opportunity to chat to our designers and engineers about how to optimise this model for your unique organisational demands. In an era where time is everything, it might be time to give us a call.

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