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How Cloud-based Labelling Software is Helping Print Businesses During The C19 Crisis

Posted by David Lee on Sep 9, 2020 11:00:00 AM

How Cloud-based Labelling Software is Helping Print Businesses During The C19 Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on the label printing industry, not least due to the disruption of supply chains for Inks, Chemicals & label substrates – often sourced or manufactured in China. However, crises often have the positive effect of encouraging innovative solutions to overcome problems, and to advance emerging trends. One example of this is the increased uptake of cloud labelling software among label printing businesses, as a means of keeping productivity high and operating with a reduced workforce.


Cloud-based labelling software uses remotely stored data and print files to directly interface with digital printing presses, reducing dependence on on-site IT hardware and allowing a greater degree of automation and flexibility. This brings several benefits:

1. Cloud-based software enables a much faster setup time for print runs, since there is no need to manually access computer files and transfer them into the presses during setup.

2. Cloud-based labelling is helping printing press operators work away from the workshops where presses and computers are based. This enables businesses to operate split shifts and have a greater number of employees work from home, more of the time.

3. The technology is assisting print businesses meet deadlines and keep supply chains going even when working remotely.

4. Cloud-based labelling is also helping companies that have decided to re-focus their production to customers producing critical labelling products such as Health & food. These companies may have to meet new labelling requirements. Through cloud-based print management and design software, the labels are produced hastily, will meet current legislation , allowing clients to launch their products without any delays.

5. Another benefit is that the designs are readily available to teams of designers, engineers and third parties operating remotely – enabling collaboration away from the workshop. It also makes it easier for multi-site businesses to design, print, and manage labels across all manufacturing plants, and to standardise labelling standards across different facilities. 

Next Steps

Cloud-based labelling software has helped a range of print businesses keep their operations running during the Covid 19 lockdown, and has many other useful long-term applications. To discuss the latest trends in print software and how new software can be integrated with older presses, please give us a call today.

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