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LED Drying Tech: The Future of Flexography

Posted by David Lee on Feb 6, 2019 9:32:00 AM
LED Drying Tech The Future of Flexography 

Here at Focus, we’re absolutely dedicated to innovation. It’s one of the reasons that we’re sponsors of the 2018 Flexo Tech Innovations Awards, and is also one of the reasons that we pursue partnerships with some of the most dynamic tech firms in the world. In one of our most exciting recent developments, we’ve teamed up with Phoseon, a US-based UV LED manufacturing company. The result has revolutionised flexography. Here’s an introduction to the future.


Who Are Phoseon?

Founded in 2002, Phoseon is a company that innovates exclusively in the field of UV LED technology. Their trademarked technology includes the Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLMtm), which Phoseon is using to revolutionise flexographic drying capabilities. The evolution has been ground-breaking, with the new FireJet™ FJ605 UV LED self-contained air-cooled curing lamp being formally unveiled just weeks ago. Focus has recognised that this is the direction in which drying technology is heading, and that Phoseon is ahead of the game.

4 Benefits of UV Drying

1) It’s Easy

UV technology is easy to install and can be retrofitted onto existing equipment, and a good option if replacing IR or existing mercury UV heads. No ducting is required, and most appliances do not need water-cooling. The filters are very easy to clean, which removes much of the hassle of traditional systems. There are no moving parts/shutters so maintenance is reduced. With over 70,000 hours (and counting) of operational lifetime testing, UV LED is also highly reliable and cost-effective when looking over a 5 year ROI investment.

2) It Saves Time And Money

Once in place, the rest is effortless. As it requires no heating, UV can simply be switched off and on as required. This not only saves time, it also saves energy. At Focus, we recognise that every little helps in the move towards environmental sustainability, and low-energy solutions can make a significant difference to CSR capabilities.

3) More Substrates & Inks

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of UV drying is its versatility. With no excess heat or water-cooling, it can be used on a wide variety of substrates. At Focus, we are currently testing very fine unsupported films, and our results are showing that UV can truly push the boundaries of materials. Our latest research is focused upon polyamide casings, which were long thought to be beyond the realms of possibility. Inks suppliers are coming onto market at pace now with an ever wider range of colours, and a white equal to silk screen density.

We’ll announce more news as we continue testing, but so far we’ve already discovered that with UV, the doors of flexography can be opened to many previously unreachable markets.

4) No Need For Complex Upgrades

One of the reasons that we have partnered with Phoseon is that we already share the same software systems. This means that UV installation can be achieved in around 10-15 minutes, and the partnership is a guaranteed match. For clients, that means that no ancillary equipment is required, and no complex engineering changes are needed. Furthermore, our mutually compatible tech will upgrade in tandem, making for a smooth journey going forwards.

An Exciting Partnership

For a company that is driven by innovation, UV technology has unleashed a wealth of possibilities. Upgrading is very straightforward, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to start benefitting immediately. To see the glow in action, come along to our showroom or take a look inside our testing facility via this video. It’s our future, and it’s your future, so let’s focus on innovation.

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