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Reasons To Visit Our Demo Showroom In Nottingham

Posted by James Thomas on Feb 14, 2019 9:37:00 AM
Reasons To Visit Our Demo Showroom In Nottingham

Many organisations are curious about finding cost-effective ways to increase their productivity. There are often multiple choices on the table, with each one proclaiming itself to offer the best ROI. The decisions can be complex, but what is not in doubt is that investment in equipment is directly linked to productivity. Equipment investment can unlock time and expand possibilities. It can improve the quality of a product, raising its profile and value.


And the list goes on.

However, this is only true when the right investment is made. This is why third-party experts, such as banks, argue that being fully-informed is the key. Profit can only be made when organisational strategy is tightly aligned with the balance book, and for this, strategic investment needs to be made with the aid of knowledge. We all know this, of course, but it’s easily forgotten in the click-and-buy world, where anything can be purchased without a second thought.

An Important Investment

Any new printing presses are an important investment for any organisation. For well-established print businesses, where flexography or Digital has become the beating heart that keeps the output flowing, keeping that investment up-to-date can have an equally powerful impact on productivity. Therefore, many directors are interested in learning more about how best to orchestrate that investment.

The only way to learn which machine is right for your organisation, or whether you would even benefit from a new one, is by gaining direct information that will allow you to fully understand the potential benefits of various options.

Vising The Showroom

Our showroom has been designed to answer the questions that our clients need to ask. Here are a few of the knowledge areas that we can help with:

1) Capabilities

What do the machines do? How do they work? What does 200 mts/min printing rate actually look like? Can we run our substrates & range of jobs ? What is the operator interface like? How much space do the machines take up? How much noise do they make? How much do they cost to run?

2) Needs Assessment

Every organisation has unique needs, which is why we offer customised solutions. However, unless you’re a printing applications expert, it can be difficult to know exactly how the specifications translate to output. And it’s not a case of opting for the top-end products: you might be surprised to find quite how advanced the simpler models are. Therefore, when you visit the showroom we can use our expertise to assess your needs, and guide you through the available solutions and discuss special developments.

3) Meeting The Team

This is a surprisingly important factor. Investing in a flexographic press means gaining a piece of equipment that your organisation will rely upon for decades. Therefore, it’s not a situation where the customer service and engineering support stops when you walk out of the door. We’ve been around for almost 40 years, and still have relationships with our very first clients. Therefore, it’s a good idea to meet us and see whether we are a good fit for your company.

So, If You Want To Come And Visit

If you’re keen on improving productivity, or are curious about how new printing press can enhance your organisational versatility, our showroom is a useful place to start.

You can contact us to book a demo, or simply visit us in Bingham, Nottingham NG13 8GF.

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