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Labelexpo Europe 2019 - Platemate Platemounting Systems

Posted by David Lee on Aug 30, 2019 10:33:11 AM

Platemate Platemounting Systems (1)

At Labelexpo 2019, Focus Label Machinery will launch a new range of compact video platemounting systems for narrow & mid web applications.

The Platemate 2 system makes use of two pre-applied register marks on the extreme edges of the polymer printing plate, which are aligned perpendicular to the printing direction. The printing cylinder is loaded onto the system and double sided adhesive tape applied to its surface.


The printing plate can then be positioned and clamped close to the correct position and viewed under the two high magnification cameras. Using the viewed register marks, the plate position can be finely adjusted until both half images on the right & left side are perfectly aligned.

At this point, the polymer plate is firmly applied to the printing cylinder and is ready to go to press. The procedure takes around 30 seconds and is repeated for each required printing cylinder.

Platemate 2 is constructed from solid, machined side frames and utilises twin digital cameras with laboratory standard microscope lens for high magnification of the polymer plate. A precision engineered camera mounting and linear slide rail ensure that the cameras are not affected by vibration and so retain the factory calibration settings. LED lights are integrated into each camera, ensuring that light is balanced on both edges of the polymer plate, to prevent optical distortion. The images are then viewed on a hi-resolution colour LED monitor.

The system includes a micro adjustment screw for fine movement of the polymer plate position, to ensure that both extremes of the plate are accurately aligned. A height adjustment handle is used to accommodate different size print cylinders and to easily achieve the optimum height and perfect focus position.

A soft polymer plate clamp is used to hold the plate in position on the cylinder, without damaging the delicate polymer surface. Platemate 2 also includes an adhesive tape dispenser for easy application of double sided tape, avoiding creases and reducing the possibility of air bubbles when applying to the printing cylinder.

A wide range of print cylinder types from all leading press manufacturers can be accommodated via tailor made mounting cradles & adaptors.

For more details of FOCUS equipment, visit: www.focuslabel.com

Contact: admin@focuslabel.com

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