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Security Labels and Tape: What You Didn’t Know Keeps Parcels Safe

Posted by David Lee on Apr 5, 2023 1:00:00 PM


Security tape and labels are commonly used in the packaging process, but they aren’t simply a convenient way to keep boxes closed during shipping (although this is, of course, one important role that they play). In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using security labels and tape, so that you can better understand the importance of high-quality and reliable label printing to your customers.


Why security seal labels are a vital component in packaging

Many offshore logistics routes are longer and more complex than ever before, as more consumers use digital sales channels to source products. Therefore, it’s imperative that all goods are shipped in high-quality, robust packaging to prevent accidental damage in transit.

While many distribution businesses prioritise the protective value of the carton or bag in which products are kept during shipping, it’s important not to overlook the importance of security tape or labels. But what is the purpose of these items and what benefits do they offer?

  • Theft Deterrence

Most security labels are designed to be difficult to remove without leaving tell-tale evidence behind. Being semi-permanent, they will often leave a ‘void’ marking or adhesive residue on the cardboard which is visible on inspection. Many companies, particularly those shipping high-value goods, choose these tapes & labels so that any attempt to open the box will be obvious – thus making security tape an effective theft deterrent.

  • Prevent Tampering

Security tapes & labels can help businesses to verify that items haven’t been tampered with. Companies who rent equipment, for example, use them for this purpose. Tape can also be used to reinforce the integrity of a product warranty by ensuring that goods aren’t modified or interfered with – actions which would invalidate a guarantee and decrease the value of the product.

Common applications of security labels

Security labels and tape provide valuable additional security in various applications and can be used with many products. The following examples demonstrate their versatility and cost-efficiency:

  • Airline Security

There are few places where the lives of hundreds of people are potentially more at-risk than at 36,000 feet above the ground! Safety and security are vital to protect passengers and crew on commercial flights, so security labels can be effectively used to alert staff to any unauthorised access to vulnerable installations on-board, including electrical cabinets, control circuits, safety devices, and food storage.

  • Laboratory Testing

In large-scale clinical trials, it is critical that lab staff can identify and trace each individual vial at any given time, as well as tracking its location through the testing process. Small non-residue labels, which can be printed with unique barcodes or other identifying data, are perfect for this purpose.

  • Election Ballot Boxes

In local and national elections or referenda, the integrity of the ballot box is a fundamental principle to ensure the democratic will of the people is heard – with no risk of interference or fraud. High-quality security labels provide reassurance to election officials that ballot boxes are secure, with any tampering evident if the seals are broken.

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