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Reducing the Carbon Footprint: the Environmental Impact of Hybrid Printing

Posted by David Lee on 5 July 2024

Although the printing industry has been dogged by a reputation for poor environmental standards, much progress to improve its sustainability has been made in recent years.

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Branding – Textiles & Garments, Labels & Printed Ribbons/Elastics: What are the best print technologies to use for different applications?

Posted by David Lee on 20 June 2024

Printed fabrics are widely accepted in production of home textiles & the fashion & sports garment industry. Fashion & sports wear demand high impact decoration and graphics with a rapid turnaround for fast design, production and delivery to the high street.

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James Labels installs Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 from Focus Label Machinery

Posted by David Lee on 17 June 2024

James Labels, based in Bacup, Lancs has become the latest UK label printer to install the AccurioLabel 230 digital toner press, manufactured by Konica Minolta and supplied by Focus Label Machinery Ltd.

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A Tailored Approach for Every Product With Hybrid Printing

Posted by David Lee on 3 June 2024

Sustainable printing is more than just a fashion. With 82 per cent of consumers prepared to pay more for sustaining packaging, product manufacturers can showcase their environmental commitment while seizing lucrative growth opportunities. The old adage may advise against judging a book by its cover but, inevitably, many consumers do, so attractive and appealing packaging can drive customer engagement and yield financial gains.

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Pro Tips for Maximum Success Within Textile Ribbons for Garments

Posted by David Lee on 20 May 2024

Label print runs that produce poor quality or unattractive products will rarely earn your business a reputation for excellence and can significantly impact your profits, as your clients will inevitably work with other label printers in future.

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Exploring Printing Methods for Production Efficiency

Posted by David Lee on 1 May 2024

Efficiency and accuracy have always been non-negotiable in the printing industry but advances in textile printing machinery have stimulated faster production, greater customisation, and reduced waste, thereby meeting the evolving demands of a diverse and dynamic market. Businesses can now choose from a variety of printing methods to meet their specific production needs, each of which offers advantages in speed, quality, and flexibility. Therefore, it’s essential that printing businesses understand which technique best aligns with their objectives.

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