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Digital Printing: Redefining the Commercial Landscape

Posted by David Lee on Dec 18, 2023 10:00:00 AM


Product labels and packaging are incredibly important to maintain brand presence on the high street, but it can be difficult to decide which printing method is most suited to your customers’ needs. Digital printing machines offer an agile and cost-efficient solution to many pain points in the packaging process and are redefining the commercial landscape, as we will explain in this article. 

So, what are the advantages of digital printing in the commercial landscape?



Faster turnaround times

A significant advantage of digital printing is its ability to deliver rapid production and shorter turnaround times compared to traditional printing methods. When deadlines are tight and companies need materials quickly to meet market demands, the speed of digital printing can be a powerful tool for moving products to market, winning additional business, and meeting customers' urgent needs.



While it's true that inks and running costs are often higher in digital printing, the simplicity of the technology eliminates the need for costly setup fees, plates, and minimum print quantities. Traditional printing methods often require a significant initial investment, making them less accessible for small businesses or those with limited budgets. With digital printing, high-quality output is a more cost-effective solution for many businesses as it can be quickly and cheaply produced without compromising on the standard of print.


Customisation and variable data printing

Digital printing allows for variable data printing (VDP), which is an ideal solution for personalised, short-run, or targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses can tailor their printed materials to specific customers, adding names, addresses, or even images to create a more personal and engaging connection with their audience.


A personal touch, for example tailored product packaging or labels, can significantly improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts, helping to forge a positive relationship between the business and its customers that will yield lucrative sales and word-of-mouth recommendations.




Design flexibility

Traditional printing methods often require large volumes of printed materials to be ordered to suppress the price and achieve optimum cost-efficiency. If you need tens of thousands of identical labels then this can be advantageous, but it can also be a significant constraint if you wish to experiment with different designs, layouts, or graphics. Digital printing provides exceptional design flexibility, allowing businesses to create and test different versions of their materials without being committed to long print runs. Successful campaigns can be easily identified and repeated without the need for costly reprints.


Dual technologies

Many successful businesses now utilise a combination of production technologies, such as flexo, offset, and digital printing. Versatility allows them to identify and direct production where it will be most economic and effective for the client. For instance, in some cases, production can be switched from one technology to another based on the volume and requirements of the project, thereby optimising the cost and quality for each job.



Find out more

For more information about printing labels and packaging and the advantages of digital print solutions, please download our free guide or call our team on 0115 824 5426. 

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