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Discover How Focus Label’s dFlex & dPack Machines Can Benefit You

Posted by David Lee on Jun 15, 2020 12:15:00 PM
Discover How Focus Label’s dFlex & dPack Machines Can Benefit You-1

Labels play a key part in promoting your client’s business as a reputable, professional organisation. As the first thing that customers usually see, even before the product itself, it’s vital to convey their brand in a positive and engaging way - this builds trust and loyalty.

To achieve this, print must be eye-catching and appealing but without imposing over-demanding burdens on your finances.

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If your print runs tend to be of a small volume or you need to regularly alter the data or images on the labels, you need a solution that is cost-effective without affecting the output quality or consuming unreasonable amounts of time. At Focus Label, our dFlex inkjet system is the answer.

Fast, efficient, scalable and affordable, the system combines one or two flexo print stations with high-quality digital inkjet technology to enable labels to be printed, coated and converted in line, at the press of a button.

If your business is craving a digital inkjet printing solution for small volume labels, the dFlex offers the following benefits:

1) Excellent Print Quality

High resolution printing that delivers sharp text and images, 600 x 600 dpi with highly colourful accurate colours, engages customers and conveys a professional image.

With the inkjet press, you can achieve the quality and consistency of print that your client’s brand deserves. Plus you can add personalisation for unique marketing campaigns.

2) Rapid Turnaround

Time is of the essence, particularly if you need to ensure your production line or supply chain meets demanding targets. Digital printing boasts a rapid turnaround time as plates don’t have to be created.

Plus, the print run won’t need to be interrupted to change the plate when different colours are added. Even introducing new products to your range is quickly managed and proofing samples produced before going to full production.

3) Low Costs

Digital label printing with the dFlex is a cost-effective option as individual plates don’t need to be made and set up. Therefore, low volume printing is a viable option for businesses who need to regularly change the content of their labels.

Also, with Ink Jet the amount of ink used in the process is only what is actually printed with no significant wastage, reducing costs and decreasing the frequency of ink refills.

No click or monthly service charges to consider.

4) Lower Energy Costs

The dFlex label printing machine consumes considerably less power and air during operation meaning lower energy bills in the long-term.

Less energy use also means your business can play an active role in protecting the environment by cutting its carbon footprint and boosting its green credentials.


Find out more

At Focus Label, we can provide a free demonstration of our dFlex label printing system so to arrange a visit to our showroom or for more information, please get in touch.

Please note, we are operating with limited number of staff and the showroom is closed to visitors due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, we’re still taking and processing orders as normal so please call 01949 836223.


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