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Why Prioritise Quality Over Cost For Your Digital Label Printing Press?

Posted by David Lee on Nov 5, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Why To Prioritise Quality Over Cost For Your Digital Label Printer

The worldwide switch to digital is in full flow. Even flexographic printing machines – the stalwart and reliable
workhorses of the packaging industry – have been given a 21st Century makeover in the latest generation of hybrid presses. However, when moving forwards, it helps to have the information to make good investment choices. Today, we answer four of the most frequently asked questions about balancing quality and cost in digital upgrades.

REQUEST A QUOTE1) Are More Advanced Machines More Expensive To Run?

No. This common myth has its roots in the ‘trial-and-error’ days of early digital innovation. Today’s high-end digital machines are designed with efficiency in mind. This means a much lower cost-per-print than more primitive models. As a general rule, the higher the performance, the better the ROI will be.

2) Will The Print Quality Be Worse On Cheaper Machines?

Not necessarily. Cheaper machines can perform well and can be excellent for achieving basic print jobs. However, they are not designed for the most demanding graphics capabilities. Advanced digital printers are primed to create powerful results on a wide range of substrates, and to use a full palette of inks. In an era where environmental concerns are driving changes in packaging, labeling, and inks, a more flexible machine is a useful asset.

3) Are More Complex Machines More Difficult To Maintain?

Interestingly, no. It is the older and more straightforward digital machines that require more frequent visits from the engineering team. There are many reasons for this. For instance, many of the more complex, modern digital presses have additional features that keep things working smoothly. Much downtime is caused by uneven wear and tear causing premature damage to parts, so the better the set-up, the more successful the long-term performance.


4) Do Advanced Digital Machines Offer More Flexibility?

Yes. Manufacturers recognise that today’s industries need to be lean, agile, and ready to spring into a market gap at a moment’s notice. The digital revolution has taken this to heart. However, flexibility – such as being able to rapidly change designs, colours, run sizes, and substrates – has not been a traditional feature of flexographic printing. Major investment has been required to offer complete printing control. Only the high-end machines can fully respond to these crucial productivity demands.

Find Out More

The best way to understand how our latest digital presses work is to see them in action for yourself. The Focus Label showroom enables you to compare the performance of machines designed for every budget and application. To book your visit, please call 01949 836223, or email admin@focuslabel.com.

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