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South American based label producer adds FOCUS dFLEX digital Ink jet to its facility

Posted by David Lee on Nov 4, 2022 2:51:44 PM



Specialist company AMF Etiquetas is a market leader in Chile, offering a wide range of high end label & packaging solutions to local wine, food & packaging companies.  Chile continues to be the fourth largest exporter of wines in the world, and the first exporter of bottled wine in the new world. It is for this and much more that they seek to be a real contribution to the wine industry, advising them on design trends and the latest materials used in their labels and packaging. AMF continually seek to innovate to support the perceived value of Chilean exported wines in the world and ensuring their products remain high end brands in the US and European markets. AMF responsibility will be to be permanently informed of the latest innovations through the international leaders in trends to show and communicate the news in a timely manner, so that it is an effective information tool for our clients.  



The new dFlex Press installation from Focus compliments its commitment to the other digital processes at AMF in that it offers HP & Xeikon solutions as well as traditional flexo, offset, screen & foil solutions.  The installation was completed in May and the investment in the Focus dFlex UV Ink jet system will allow AMF to explore the practicalities of adding customized & variable data to many of the generic product lines and potentially the new dFlex system will be rolled out to other locations for label finishing close to the wineries to improve distribution and speed of processing.

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AMF have invested in a dedicated on site Print & Packaging Centre for its clients.  The Digital laboratory with its state of the art technology together with a team of specialist team of experts aim to make personalized designs and bring together technology for Mockups ideas & concepts to be presented and brought to reality faster.


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