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What Makes Digital Inkjet Printing Revolutionary?

Posted by David Lee on Jun 16, 2022 10:00:00 AM


If you’re looking to invest in digital printing machines for your business, at Focus Label we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke printing presses from Toner based systems through to cutting-edge inkjet technology to deliver outstanding and reliable results, every time.


Originally developed in the 1950s, inkjet printing has become a familiar concept in many of the world’s homes, schools, and businesses. From budget inkjet printers for home study, to top-of-the-range digital inkjet printing presses for professional companies, inkjet technology is renowned for its versatility, reliability, and outstanding results in industries as diverse as packaging, point of sale, promotion & direct printing of Textiles.


How Does Inkjet Printing Work?

In inkjet printing, microscopic droplets of different coloured inks are released through the print head onto the paper, card, or other substrates at high speed. The precise shades of each colour and alignment of the droplets are determined from the digital image of the complete design so that, when printed, the image appears to be solid as each dot is so tiny.


With UV inkjet printing, special UV inks are used instead of conventional solvent-based varieties. This allows them to be dried quickly using ultraviolet light and produces more vibrant colours and better-defined images or text.


The Advantages of an Inkjet Printing Machine

Advances in inkjet printing and LED-UV curing have had a powerful and lasting impact on the printing industry. Inkjet printing machines create opportunities for more innovative, creative, or complex designs, and unending customisation to meet clients’ needs.


With digital inkjet printing, you can benefit from:


  • Superior Print Quality: because each image is formed from very fine ink droplets, a print resolution of up to 1800dpi can be produced, resulting in sharper and smoother details that will prove to be visually impressive.


  • Versatility: to meet customers’ unique needs, including more unusual applications, inkjet printing can be harnessed to print on a variety of substrates, including labels, commercial papers, film, plastics, and corrugated boxes.


  • Personalisation: due to its low-cost, inkjet printing is ideal for short-run, limited edition, or individual promotions on labels and packaging. You can even change every single label so that each is slightly different from the last. Prints can contain unique data, bar codes, and QR Codes.


  • Enhanced Security: some products, particularly in the medical field, require individual or batch coding so that stock can be tracked accurately through the product lifecycle. Digital inkjet printing makes it easy to achieve optimal security and safety as labels or packaging can be discretely altered.


  • Greater Productivity: with inkjet printing, set-up and changeover are minimal, so more time can be dedicated to completing print runs and machinery will not be exposed to extended periods of inaction between jobs. The digital nature of the technology eliminates the need for plate design or master copies, resulting in increased productivity and faster job completion.


  • Affordability: inkjet printing is one of the most cost-effective solutions for the label and packaging print industry, with faster speeds, better productivity, and more market opportunities combining to deliver a healthy Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other digital print technologies.


Contact Focus Label For More Information

To find out more about our digital inkjet & Hybrid printing solutions, or to request a free, no-obligation quotation for your next project, please get in touch today.

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