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How Supply Chain Issues Have Affected the Printing Industry

Posted by David Lee on Mar 22, 2023 12:00:00 PM


Few industries have been unaffected by supply chain problems since the start of the pandemic, which have been exacerbated by the Ukraine War and other global factors, so in this article we’ll explore the main effects for businesses seeking high-volume label printing and how, at Focus Label, we can help.



The price of paper has been steadily rising for some time, due to a potent combination of factors: General shortages as a result of industrial action up to the summer of 2022. Increasing demand, spiralling fuel costs, and shortages of raw materials, among others. During the pandemic, many businesses suspended their print marketing but, with the world returning to normal, demand for paper is outstripping supply, particularly specialty materials for bespoke orders.


Similarly, the availability of ink has triggered issues in the print supply chain, with a commercial printer ink shortage caused by compound shortages , fluctuating demand and rising fuel prices that are impacting on shipping costs. Many businesses rely on water & UV ink for most of their everyday printing, so delays are emerging in the supply of these inks, while specialty inks are, in some quarters, becoming more difficult to obtain. For all projects using standard and specialty inks, effective advance planning is crucial to ensure that supplies are sourced at a competitive price in advance to prevent shortages that could affect project delivery.

Labour shortages

According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), three-quarters of businesses are experiencing labour shortages, a situation that makes delays to order fulfilment more likely and drives down profits. In the print supply chain, a shortage of workers throughout the EU is affecting a range of businesses, including paper mills, ink manufacturers, and logistics companies.

Turnaround time

With 2023, most businesses have resumed normal pre-pandemic operations, including office-based working, direct marketing campaigns, face to face trade shows, and events, which has significantly increased demand on print businesses for rapid turnaround times. A surge of orders at a time of acute delays in the print supply chain has posed logistical challenges for many printing companies, who have had to find innovative and versatile solutions so their production teams can meet soaring demand and achieve challenging turnaround times.


Contact Focus Label for effective solutions to supply chain problems

At Focus Label, we can help you to overcome printing supply chain problems by designing, manufacturing, and installing efficient , low waste ,high-quality label printing machines, with all spare parts and consumables provided in a single convenient place.

For more information, please get in touch today.

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