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Adapting to Evolving Trends in the Label Printing Industry

Posted by David Lee on Apr 25, 2024 10:00:00 AM

Adapting-to-Evolving-Trends-In-the-Label-Printing-Industry (800 x 500 px)

The label printing industry is rapidly evolving in response to changing consumer preferences and technological innovations. Brands that wish to stay relevant need to understand and adapt to the key shifts happening in label printing. Some of the major trends include the growth of digital printing, more creative label shapes and substrates, interactive or smart labels, clean label designs, and special finishes.


In this article, we’ll explain the evolving trends that are emerging in the label printing industry trends of which all printing businesses should be aware.


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Digital printing

Digital printing has firmly established itself as the preferred technology for short or low-volume label runs. The ability to economically print minimal quantities with a quick turnaround makes digital ideal for limited editions, seasonal offers, and personalised labels. With digital technology, brands can cost-effectively produce on-demand labels and react more agilely to customers’ needs, emerging trends, or market feedback. The high print quality of modern digital presses also means brands don't have to compromise on aesthetics for the sake of flexibility.


Flexible packaging

In terms of label shapes and materials, brands are increasingly gravitating towards flexible packaging and shrink sleeve labels for their versatility and visual appeal. Full body sleeve labels allow for 360º graphics that can enhances a product’s visibility on the shelf and drive consumer engagement. Films and flexible substrates enable eye-catching metallic and holographic effects, while environmentally-friendly film options are also gaining traction.


Smart labels

Smart labels using augmented reality (AR), near field communication (NFC), and other technologies to create interactive experiences are also making inroads. These labels allow consumers to access additional product information, engage in games or puzzles, and try on virtual makeup or accessories before they buy. Far from being something from a futuristic sci-fi film, interactive labels help brands to emotionally connect with consumers. For food products, smart labels can also provide supply chain visibility and authentication.


Clean label designs

Clean, transparent label designs that focus on ingredients, certifications, health benefits, and sustainability are becoming a priority in the food and beverage market. Many consumers want labels that they can easily understand at a glance, such as nutritional facts, non-GMO ingredients, organic claims, and eco-friendly certifications; however, these are best displayed in a minimalist way to avoid confusion.


Special finishes

Finally, special finishes and effects are being used to add novelty and visual intrigue to packaging. Brands are experimenting with colour-shifting inks, holographic finishes, tactile coatings, and other embellishments to make their labels more unique and exciting, adding a touch of luxury on the shelf and helping products to stand out above their competitors.

Cement your business’s future in label printing

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