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Flexo Press Installation At Advanced Labels

Posted by David Lee on Jul 25, 2019 11:09:28 AM

Advance Labels – Case Study

Focus Label Machinery have completed their latest installation at Advance Labels, Syston, Leicestershire. The family run company, established in 1993, have increased their capabilities with an 8-color, full UV Proflex 330SE servo-driven flexo press.

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David Gregory, Managing Director of Advance Labels commented: ‘This is our first servo-driven press and the production advantages are plain to see, with greatly reduced set times and material wastage. The latest technology for print impression setting is a revelation, eliminating print barring and cylinder bounce immediately. We estimate that the investment in this new technology will be returned within two years. The facility to produce cold foil and peel and reveal labels is a big plus for us. With our new press we can also produce multipage labels as, due to increasing demand of legislation, more and more information is required on the label.’

Mr Gregory added, `We now run much more efficiently whilst ensuring top quality for our customers and we now have the confidence to offer a wider range of work and will be targeting increasing the amount of embellished labels we produce to help our customers stand out from their competitors.’

There is no doubt the positive impact the investment has had on the business, with a second shift even being considered to keep up with the growing demand of the new work created.

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The latest Proflex range of modular printing press equipment is available with Servo drive technology (Se version) or line shaft (e Version). The new drop in Cylinders ensure fast set up and consistent quality throughout the press speed. We have a wide range of options for specialised production applications from unsupported films through to small cartons. Combination drying systems for labels, tickets & board, with IR, UV, led UV including chill rolls for unsupported films make the Proflex range the right choice for narrow web printing at a sensible investment level.

Focus sales manager Antony Cotton said: ‘Advance Labels has been a good customer of ours for many years, so we are very pleased to continue this successful partnership with the installation of the new Proflex SE press.’

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