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A Tailored Approach for Every Product With Hybrid Printing

Posted by David Lee on Jun 3, 2024 10:00:00 AM

Hybrid Printing showing a tailored approach for every product

Sustainable printing is more than just a fashion. With 82 per cent of consumers prepared to pay more for sustaining packaging, product manufacturers can showcase their environmental commitment while seizing lucrative growth opportunities. The old adage may advise against judging a book by its cover but, inevitably, many consumers do, so attractive and appealing packaging can drive customer engagement and yield financial gains.


Hybrid printing, which combines the robustness of flexography (flexo) with the precision and versatility of digital technology, delivers a tailored approach for product packaging while adhering to the principles of sustainability. It is, therefore, an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance the visual appeal of their products without falling short on their environmental responsibility.


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Versatility unleashed!

Unlike other forms of printing, which may only be suited to limited substrates, hybrid printing offers exceptional versatility as it caters to a range of products without compromising on brand consistency or visual appeal. From intricate patterns to vibrant colours, hybrid printing achieves impeccable quality - crucial for businesses that require unique branding elements or desire a strong visual identity across different product lines.


So, what sort of printed products can hybrid printing be used for?


Corrugated boxes

For electronic goods that require sturdy branded packaging, hybrid printing on corrugated boxes is an excellent choice. The strength and bold colours provided by flexo, combined with the intricate designs that are made possible with digital printing, create packaging that is both functional and visually appealing. Hybrid printing allows for consistent branding and the addition of variable data, so each box provides a powerful marketing statement as well as robust protection of the product it contains.


Cartons and folding boxes

In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, packaging plays a significant role in stimulating consumer appeal and engagement. Hybrid-printed cartons and folding boxes can be harnessed as creative canvases, combining the durability of flexo with sophisticated digital prints. This is ideal for creating packaging that stands out on the shelf or communicates important product information, while ensuring the integrity and safety of the products inside.



Labels can be used to provide simple information or high visual impact for point of sale products. All industries make use of labels and they play a significant role in stimulating consumer appeal and engagement. The latest Label presses are increasingly moving towards a combination of Flexo & digital system applications where there is a clear advantage of finishing in a single pass.


Shrink sleeves for unique shapes

Products with unique shapes or intricate contours are not always best packaged in a box, so hybrid-printed shrink sleeves are a cost-effective and striking solution. The adaptability of hybrid printing ensures that the sleeve conforms seamlessly to the product’s shape, enabling 360-degree, visually striking branding. Complete coverage of the packaging also optimises the available space for branding and product information.


Rigid packaging

For rigid packaging, the combination of flexo and digital printing creates opportunities for intricate designs, embossing, and elegant finishes. As well as protecting the integrity of the product, rigid packaging showcases it premium status. The ability to incorporate complex graphics and textures makes hybrid printing an ideal choice for brands aiming to make a bold statement in the market.


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