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Where To Get Flexo & Digital Printing Training?

Posted by David Lee on Jul 8, 2019 9:20:13 AM

Where to Get Flexo & Digital Printing Training

Though Flexography has been used in the production of food packaging and labels for use in retail, chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles and service industries for decades, innovation in digital technology continues to drive growth and maintain a positive trend in otherwise challenging times. Much of this success can be attributed to advanced printing equipment but it is the technicians behind the controls who ultimately make the difference between a quality end product and one that fails to meet such high standards.

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Highly-skilled and competent execution doesn’t happen on its own, though. Comprehensive training is an integral part of the design and manufacturing process and it should receive ongoing attention. Companies like Focus are leading the way. Between the expertise of professionals and outlets that offer certification, there are several places to get up to date training.


Further Education

It was commonplace that colleges and universities used to offer 3-5-year courses; however, the number of education facilities with comprehensive printing facilities is diminishing. The cities and guilds recognise this and have set up a number of regional further education providers to deliver a combination of college-based day release courses and in-house training in cooperation with employers. Contacting your local college will identify any relevant courses and government support for further education.

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Equipment Manufacturers

For businesses interested in purchasing new equipment or upgrading their printing equipment, a small number of manufacturers now provide basic or bespoke training and support. Here at Focus our showroom and training facility offers customers an opportunity to familiarise themselves with platemaking, finishing, converting, and flexographic and digital print technology. Customers have the chance to get practical hands-on experience from the supervising team who will also field questions regarding each piece of equipment.

Whether you’re expanding your operation, or your own print machinery is no longer operating at an optimal level, you can request a demonstration of a new machine or piece of equipment. Your team will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive insightful answers.


Training At Your Location

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In addition to in-house reviews, demonstrations and training, Focus provide training carried out at your location to make the learning process even more convenient. Like our in-house demonstrations, you’ll receive an in-depth review of the equipment, which can help to drastically reduce the learning curve for your team. Working with an education provider can identify the best practices and modernise your approach to day to day running, and ultimately improve your business and education processes. It really is never too late to learn.

Online Courses & Certification

Trade organisations are a good source of technical information and provide short courses, in some cases. If you’re new to the printing industry or need to provide employee training, online courses are a valuable tool when brushing up on the basics and developing your company skillset. Organisations like the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA), for example, promote and support the industry and deliver accredited training and continuous professional development to those entering or advancing in the field.

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Expanding Your Knowledgebase

Trade magazines are a good source of Information and the UK has two of the best – both of which publish technical articles on a monthly basis exploring new trends and deliver best practice advice. From hands-on training and demonstrations to online courses and visual aids, there are many ways to further your knowledge of the flexo printing industry and the operation of advanced label printing equipment. At Focus we are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of market-leading label printing machinery, and that goes hand-in-hand with proper training. If you’re interested in new print equipment, make the most of your investment and visit our showroom for a free demonstration of our printing presses to learn more.

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You can also download our free Guide to Flexographic Printing to learn even more about the flexographic industry and the equipment used within it, or come and find us at our ITMA 2019 stand on 20th-26th June! We'd love to see you there.

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