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Print Industry Trends To Look Out For In The Second Half Of 2020 & 2021

Posted by David Lee on Aug 21, 2020 10:20:00 AM

Print Industry Trends To Look Out For In The Second Half Of 2020 & 2021

The print industry has been rocked by the impact of Covid-19 for the first half of 2020. Despite this, new trends are set to continue emerging as the print industry transitions to digital workplace technology across the world.

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Although several industry players have made progress on this front, the market is still sensitive to the activity of competitors, customer requirements and swift technological advancements. Here are five trends to look for in the second half of this year in a fast evolving digital environment:

1) The increased use of Smart MFPs

Smart MFPs (Multi-function Printing presses) are a vital facilitator in the transition to digital printing, serving as a channel to automate digital workflow. A 2019 MPS study from Quocirca showed that more than three quarters of companies using managed print services (MPS) report that MFP smart functions are valuable. Notwithstanding, to properly capitalise on this opportunity, manufacturers need to promote the value of these apps to existing clients and prospects alike.

2) The growth of MPS Cloud Platforms

The Cloud has gained widespread acceptance among printing businesses because it can deliver extra capacity on-demand. It also offers increased availability levels, a comprehensive digital eco-system and affordable storage. Throughout 2020, top manufacturers are expected to broaden their cloud products to incentivise industry collaborators to adopt a cloud-based model. Minimising or eradicating print servers can lower environmental and financial costs significantly. Moreover, a cloud subscription model can cut down on overheads and reduce running expenses for companies, removing barriers to competitiveness for smaller print businesses.

3) Open platforms for developers

From 2020 and onwards, manufacturers will require flourishing developer eco-systems to succeed. While numerous manufacturers have set-up platforms for embedded MFP apps, not many have established a wider community of developers. However HP Workpath looks set to make strides towards the introduction of bespoke apps to facilitate digital workflows for complex print requirements. These open platforms, with eco-systems that enable clients, users and partners to innovate together, will replace proprietary, closed platforms eventually.

4) The demand for improved analytics

Modern printing companies want a greater insight into their operations, via real-time data. Manufacturers can access a range of information about their clients, networks and products. They ought to look past conventional print infrastructure data to meet this demand, and determine how to incorporate detailed analytics into new services that deliver real-world value to companies. Data visualisation and predictive analytics will define future offerings.

5) Industry competition will be driven by security

The market for MSS (Managed Security Services) is forecast to expand among all sectors, fuelled by the scarcity of cyber-security experts and the increased risks that come from using hybrid cloud environments. Print suppliers that can effectively provide diverse security products, like security insights and remote tracking to address problems across assorted platforms, will win clients from suppliers that can't.

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