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4 Pros of Using Embossed Effects In Printing

Posted by David Lee on Mar 9, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Embossed label printer which helps get embossed effects in printing

Embossing is renowned for its luxurious appearance and tactile texture, making it a popular choice for many print applications, including Christmas cards, invitations, business cards, and certificates & labels.


Traditionally embossing techniques have been limited to male and female tooling either by rotary tooling or flat tool stamping. However tooling is expensive, can be very heavy and because of the cost is only suitable for high volume runs.

However, Digital Ink jet technology can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional embossing that can also be used for labels and packaging, creating distinctive and unmissable print solution that are sure to catch the eye of the discerning consumer.


What is Embellishment printing?

Embellishment printing mimics the effect of embossing & is a digital printing technique which raises specific parts of the substrate to add texture or pattern to the surface. This creates a tactile finish so that the printed medium stands out from other forms of print.

However, as well as a superior or distinctive appearance, there are several other benefits of investing in an Ink Jet technology.


The benefits of digital embellishment printing:


1. Draw attention to products.

Embossing a label or product packaging makes it instantly more noticeable. Whether you emboss your company logo or other details about a product, raising the embossed area above the level of the rest of the substrate will enable it to be seen more easily. Remember that the embossed part of the label will be the first thing that customers will see, so choose what you emboss wisely.


2. Combine with foil printing for a dramatic impact.

Cold or hot foil printing is a popular way to add luxury to a design. When combined with embossing, the effect is even more marked. Foil prints can be easily applied to embossed sections because the foil can be transferred to the raised areas without affecting the overall design.


3. Create an impression of high-end luxury.

Embossing your product packaging or labels can increase the scalability and price point of goods by creating a discernible sense of luxury that will attract consumers’ attention. Luxury purchases are often impulsive, so high-end packaging is an effective marketing tool that could transform your business’s fortunes.


4. A more sustainable option.

Finally, embellishment uses no expensive tooling other materials than the packaging itself. Small runs can be accommodated, even variable data or Braille. The process simply involves printing a raised area within the label design above the rest of the substrate, so it’s a sustainable option that requires no other materials or resources.


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At Focus Label, we design, manufacture, and install a range of digital printing machines for eye-catching label and packaging designs. To find out more, please download your free, in-depth guide to your labels and packaging options or call our team on 01949 836223 for more information.

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