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Why Training Is Important When Buying A Digital Label Printing Press

Posted by David Lee on Nov 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Why Training Is Important When Buying A Digital Label Printing Press 2

Investment in digital label printing machines is a core priority for many companies. When making the shift, training can be an invaluable resource. Printing technology companies such as Focus offer demonstrations on how to get the most out of a printing machine. Is it worth it? Here’s the evidence.



Increasing Efficiency

Digital label printing machines are embedded with a range of advanced features. While these are not necessarily required for day-to-day running, their purpose is to increase quality, efficiency, and overall productivity. It might mean being able to switch between tasks more swiftly, or optimising the set-up for particular needs. Training in how to use these features allows companies to optimise their label printing machines for their bespoke requirements.

Getting Faster, More Meaningful Results

As with any tech upgrade, it can take a little while to understand the character of a new machine. The shift to digital marks a significant advancement in the way that organisations interact with print technology. One of the most important changes is that the latest generation of intuitive digital interface means keeping an engineer on staff is no longer necessary.

However, anyone using the machine needs to learn the basics to get the most out of it. Whether the operator is an experienced flexographic print operator or a new team member, training is important for learning the digital ropes.

Why Training Is Important When Buying A Digital Label Printing Press 1

Asking The Right Questions

Training is a two-way interaction. On the one hand, engineers and designers pass on their insider knowledge so that the potential of the machine is maximised. On the other hand, users can ask questions unique to their company. Whether it is a question of gleaning an extra inch of flexibility out of a printing press, or experimenting with new inks, training is an ideal environment to pick the brains of the experts.

Try Before You Buy

Demonstration and training showrooms give everyone a chance to test drive a new printing press. Digital-flexographic hybrid machines have many important organisational roles, and every machine has its purpose. The focus may be print quality, speed, sustainability, or simply being nimble enough to exploit a market opportunity.

Training ensures that the best match is made between the company and the best printing solution.

What Next?

To experience the changes that digital label printing is enabling, why not arrange a visit to the Focus demonstration showroom? Call us today on 01949 836223.

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