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ITMA 2019: What We Learned

Posted by David Lee on Aug 23, 2019 10:53:33 AM

The four-yearly ITMA textile and garment technology expo is the world’s leading event for the international textile industry, showcasing the latest in materials technology and technical innovation – including in textile printing. As such, it is a great opportunity for businesses like us to engage with suppliers, customers and friends in one place – and also to keep up to date with the changes transforming the industry.

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The Current State Of Print Technology In 2017

Posted by David Lee on Jul 10, 2017 4:15:00 PM

For the past 20 years the print technology sector has developed along several trajectories. First there was the growth of automated, computerised features and a decline in labour-intensive, manually operated presses. Then there is the interaction between digital and traditional flexographic technologies. A new generation of so-called hybrid presses has sought to bridge the gap between the cost effectiveness of flexographic presses for large print runs and the convenience of digital technology.

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How To Maximise The Efficiency Of Your Textile Printing Machinery In Four Easy Steps

Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2016 10:05:04 AM
Any kind of textile processing, including the production of garment labels, relies on the continued efficiency of printing machinery. Without it, the quality of your textile printing will be inconsistent. There are many ways to maximise your machine’s efficiency.

1) Manage Humidity and Static

Regardless of the type of textiles you print at your facility, humidity will play a role. Too-high humidity will negatively affect your machinery, causing damage and slowdowns in production. Adding to this, any change in the moisture content in the air can impact the textiles themselves. For example, added humidity will lessen the elasticity and tensile strength of some fabrics.

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