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Posted by David Lee on Nov 11, 2020 3:08:58 PM

Focus are delighted to reached agreement with Polychrome Bulgaria to represent its range of equipment in the region.

Julian Shamliev is the commercial manager and will be responsible for expanding the company presence and importantly assisting existing customers in the region.

Polychrome have a long history in print and already represent a number of complimentary products & Industries  

Polychrome is the perfect match for Focus as they bring a strong knowledge to the table, they will open new prospects and are well placed to support our clients in the region.  

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The Importance Of Staying Current With Print And Packaging Industry Standards

Posted by David Lee on Jun 4, 2020 1:19:00 AM

Would the same image, printed by several different printing companies, always produce the same quality output? It’s an interesting question and one that can be addressed by considering the importance of print and packaging standards in the UK and global printing industry.

For print businesses, standards help to boost their productivity, resolve workflow problems and offer customers a clearer vision of how their print orders will look when complete.

Understanding printing industry standards is beneficial to brands for whom quality and cost are key aspects as they can make informed comparisons between providers before deciding who to place their orders with.

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NEW TRENDS: A Quick Guide To Recycled Rock Paper Labels

Posted by David Lee on May 29, 2020 2:30:00 PM

Demands from print buyers are changing. Not only must a label meet strict performance & durability tests. It may need to go through a series of product devices, be highly printable & colourful, tolerate a heat & cold, whilst offering environmental advantages, and be affordable.

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Posted by David Lee on May 4, 2020 2:03:45 PM

There is nothing normal about the current global situation facing us. This is something we have not seen in living memory and that will have a lasting economic impact going forward. I was in Bangladesh, Dhaka in February 2020. The intention was to exhibit and attend the DTG show in this vibrant country. The virus was already in the news with China in partial lockdown and the first cases in Europe just being reported - the impact of the virus was just beginning to show. The show was cancelled, incoming flights from China subject to strict control. I had meetings with a number of well established global manufacturers and suppliers who had full order books but were struggling to find raw materials and higher prices. How the world changed, three weeks later: parts of Europe were in lockdown and the whole world economy is now in turmoil with the focus moving from the issue of supply of raw materials and increased prices, to cancelled orders for the foreseeable future.

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Covid-19 Statement

Posted by David Lee on Mar 19, 2020 3:24:05 PM

As you are aware, the Corona-Virus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly throughout the world and many countries have issued new directives in the past days in a response to the status of a pandemic. Many borders have been closed in Europe and in the America’s. We would like to re-assure you that Focus Label Machinery is, also within these extraordinary circumstances, actively working on the situation to secure all deliveries in order to minimise the impact it could have on your operations. This includes a regular re-scoping of daily events to keep up to date with current developments. We already put in place several preventive actions internally and with our suppliers to minimise effects in the future.

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Topics: Focus Label News

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