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My Flexo-Press Is Faulty: Where To Look For Spare Parts?

Posted by David Lee on Nov 13, 2018 12:06:00 PM

flexo-press faulty partsA printing press is an important investment. It’s not a time for false economy, and nor is it a time for settling for something that’s not a perfect match for your needs.

Whatever press type you have we would recommend you always purchase original parts or seek approved technical support. This might not be possible if you have imported a machine or it is an older model no longer in production or supported.

At Focus Labels, we take a very pragmatic approach to a client’s relationship with their flexo-press. We’re engineers who have designed, built, and maintained our machines, and who are committed to keeping them in excellent working order.

Whatever The Equipment Age

At the same time, we won’t tie you into expensive service-only contracts.

After all, you’ll build a relationship with your flexo-press that lasts for many years. It’s important that you know what to expect, and where to turn. Here are a few thoughts on spare parts, and why a UK-based option could save you a lot of unnecessary hassle, whilst keeping your budget safe.

Original Parts

At Focus Labels, we live and breathe flexographic printing. In the world of engineering, that’s a surprisingly important credential.

Just as you wouldn’t expect your aeroplane to be built by a company that normally manufactures vacuum cleaners, it’s unwise to risk your maintenance needs to anyone who is not firmly dedicated to the art or with a deep knowledge of the equipment.

flexo-press faulty parts

Partly due to the financial crash, and partly because the market is so narrow, some competitors outsource to vast engineering firms based in Asia who simply copy components , build machines for variety of industries without the required knowledge of the specific Print technology or application. The result is equipment , which are complex at the best of times, can arrive from abroad with some very messy (and have costly) faults. These faults aren’t always due to poor engineering, but rather a lack of experience. We’ve got over sixty years of experience in our specific industry. And that makes a difference.

And If Something Does Go Wrong?

If you opt to form a working partnership with Focus, there’s no need to worry about sourcing parts. Installation, training, and servicing is part of the package, which means that the risk of something going wrong is very low.

However, we design and manufacture all parts here in Nottingham, meaning that our rapid response team can have you back up and rolling as quickly as possible after anything goes awry.

flexo-press faulty parts

That’s partly because we have stocks of parts available, but mostly because our engineering teams know the machines so well. All of our flexographic presses have been designed by us, and nobody understands them as well as the great minds that designed them.

For our clients, it’s better than waiting for weeks for a spare part to arrive from overseas, sitting twiddling thumbs whilst the costs of inactivity mount up. For us, it means that we have the opportunity to continue to learn and develop in line with our range of flexo-presses so that we can continue to provide excellent service.

Can I Use A Substitute Part?

Due to the high level of installation and follow-up support, you should never find yourself in a DIY situation. As these are made-to-order machines, opting for the original spare parts is advisable, as this ensures that the flexo-press will achieve its optimal lifespan.

However, our engineers and technicians are always on hand to offer advice. Flexographic machines are an investment that accompanies your organisation as it grows, and your own staff will get to know the technology very well. We have replacement parts available, and are always there as a back-up if something pops up that you’re not sure about.

flexo-press faulty parts

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to flexo-printing, we know what we’d advise. Shop local for spares, and you’ll get a whole host of support. However, if you need a little more convincing, feel free to check out our client testimonials, or contact us directly. Whether it’s replacing antiquated machines, increasing your printing capacity, improving productivity, or searching for new applications, our team are committed to finding the perfect solutions and support of your business.

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