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How Flexo Press Operator Training Can Boost Productivity, Cut Downtime & Save Money

Posted by David Lee on Oct 1, 2018 3:56:54 PM

How Flexo Press Operator Training Can Boost Productivity, Cut Downtime & Save Money

Your flexo press is an important investment for your company. Making sure that the team who operates your printing press understands exactly how to operate the machine and unlock its full potential will ensure you reap maximum rewards from your investment.


Advantages Of Flexo Printer Operator Training:

1) Productivity
A well-trained flexo press operator is able to produce more prints in less time. Training also ensures that the minimum amount of time is used to set the flexo printing press up for a print run. The ability to find problems quickly and solve them effectively will also give your flexo operator a productivity boost. The ultimate increase in productivity derived from training will, however, be evident in your bottom line - the more prints that are created, the higher your revenue will be.

2) Less Downtime
Trained operators should be able to spot potential problems with a printing press easily and rectify them before a printing run needs to be stopped. The expression "time is money" is very true in the printing industry and downtime is one of the most costly problems you can run into. Ensuring your flexo printing press operator is trained in the operation of the press will minimise costs and productivity losses related to downtime. Printing presses are intricate and require advanced hardware and software knowledge in order to operate at maximum efficiency. It is important that only trained operators run your flexo press to keep downtime in check.

3) Cost Savings
The cost of training your press operator will easily and quickly be offset by the savings in printing costs when your press is run by a trained operator. Printing presses are dependent on consumables such as ink to operate effectively. Trained operators will know exactly how much to use and thereby money can be saved on printing runs. Savings are also realised because trained operators can identify problems early which may otherwise lead to unnecessary maintenance costs.

Effective Flexo Press Operator Training
We provide effective and complete operator training for all the printing presses that we sell. Making sure that your press operator receives high-quality training is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering superior printing presses to our customers. Training is a continuous process and you can find resources such as our e-book Guide To Flexographic Printing on our website to help you keep your staff at the forefront of developments in the industry.

Why You Should Invest In Flexo Press Training
As can be seen from the advantages mentioned above, training is well worth the time and money spent. Allowing an untrained operator to operate your printing press can lead to injuries or damage to the sensitive components, which can be very costly to repair. It is imperative that printing presses are operated by trained operators, so you have safe and uninterrupted printing at all times. For more information about our training solutions please call 01949 836223.

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