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Why Invest In A New Label Printing Machine?

Posted by David Lee on Jan 12, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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Making a business investment in flexographic printing equipment is not a decision to be made overnight. In general, companies don't invest in new kit unless it is necessary, so it can sometimes be a challenge to persuade directors/shareholders to release the capital. However, the technological changes that have taken place in flexo machines over recent years make a compelling business case for not delaying your investment.


Here at Focus, we have been building innovative flexo presses for decades, with each improvement designed to help our customers retain their competitive edge. The improvements in efficiency that modern presses offer your company are substantial. Here are a few reasons why we feel that now is a good time to upgrade your flexo equipment, in order to ensure your company's continued competitiveness.

The Advantage Of New Technology

Conventional Flexo equipment is benefiting from the latest computerised drive & control systems to reduce set up & change over times. New printing machines take full advantage of the latest technologies, including automation features, ultra-fast turnover, pre-programmed print runs, push button operation and intuitive touch screen interfaces.

The digital revolution is in full swing in the label printing industry. Improvements in the cost-effectiveness and speed of digital printing have led to great increases in productivity and ROI. Instead of thinking about buying a new press as an expense, it would be far better to see it as a way to boost your revenue going forward.

Our modern hybrid presses do away with the need to use plates, anilox rollers or tooling, and this means that your company can slash the amount of capital investment it makes to hold stock of those items. In addition to dropping your ongoing investment in expendables, new digital presses require fewer operators. This means lower costs all round, as well as reduced risk of human error.

Improved Service

Our new hybrid presses are far faster to operate than older flexographic models. This means that your company can finish jobs faster, and also do a greater volume of printing in the same amount of time. The implications for increased profitability are obvious. It means you can take on additional orders and complete more runs per shift, or reassign some of your workforce to rationalise your staffing costs.

From a customer service perspective, this advantage lets you offer greater flexibility to your clients. You could offer a wider variety of jobs, increased volumes, reduced prices or faster turnaround – while still increasing your margins.

By cutting the lead time of a run, your company will be able to offer last-minute services for clients that are in a hurry. Quick turnaround jobs were always a challenge for traditional old flexo presses – not so with the latest generation of Flexo, digital and hybrid equipment. This is another advantage that new print machines offer. Printing companies that don't invest may risk losing market share to those that create additional value for their clients.

Focus Labels

All of our printing machines are made here in the UK, and when we subcontract parts we only use reputable suppliers in the UK or EU. We offer a complete equipment design, installation and commissioning service, which includes full training for your team. When you choose to deal with us, you can be sure your company is getting some of the best printing equipment currently available. Please give us a call on 01949 836 223, for more information. 

Also, please take a look at our guide to How To Stay Ahead In The Label Printing Industry for more reasons to consider a business investment in new printing equipment. You can download your free copy by clicking here.

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