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Types Of Flexographic Label Printing Presses You Need To Know About

Posted by David Lee on Jan 26, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Types Of Flexographic Label Printing Presses You Need To Know About.png
Flexographic printing continues to grow in popularity as the printing process of choice for many packaging & label applications. Flexo-printing offers a high quality finish in addition to reliability and versatility, making it an invaluable tool for printing businesses.

However, there are many options to choose from as far as flexographic printers are concerned. This article will aim to shed light on some of the most innovative of these machines, using our own range as illustrative examples. The following machines utilise flexible photopolymer plates, much like those used in letterpress printers. In addition, the print speed of each machine can be optimised for compatibility with a range of fast-drying inks.


The Proflex Line

Businesses looking at making a sensible investment into a narrow web printing machine may consider our Proflex line. This particular range of equipment allows for consistent quality and fast set-up, thanks to drop-in cylinder technology. For printers, the Proflex line allows for the production of high volumes of high quality labels, with reduced change-over times.

Uninterrupted production is another benefit of the Proflex line, and the ability to add a full-colour or single-colour inkjet system adds to the equipment’s versatility. A range of drying systems is available with this equipment line, including infra-red, UV and LED.  The Proflex allows for print cartridges to be unloaded or exchanged on a full or partial basis, and the accuracy of print impression settings is guaranteed by the bearer rings in the print cylinder assembly.

The e-Flex Line

The e-Flex line offers full and independent control of printed images and substrates. Using Servo technology, the e-Flex line of flexo presses is available with web widths of 330mm and 430mm. This equipment is ideal for specialist printers of labels and flexible packaging, and also helps operators reduce waste, energy and running costs.

The many features offered by the e-Flex allow operators to utilise a range of combination drying systems, as well as rail-mounted options, such as turn bar, delam-relam, cold foil, etc. Standard features include pre-register and auto-register, for fast & efficient job set-ups and changeovers. A wide range of products can be printed using e-Flex equipment, including cartons and packaging, in addition to high-quality labels.

The dFlex Line

Facilities looking to print images and variable data in small volumes may consider the dFlex press which combines flexo-printing capability with inkjet technology. This digital label printing press also provides professional coating and conversion in a single pass, with the only requirement being a single push of a button. Printing a flexo colour or varnish is also possible with the single-colour flexo head

The dFlex provides a high degree of user-friendliness, as well as high flexibility in terms of compatible substrates. Today’s demand for shorter run lengths means that job changes need to be fast & efficient, something that our dFlex press make perfectly possible.

The Centraflex Line

When high-quality printing on a wide range of demanding substrates is needed, the Centraflex line of compact presses offers an ideal solution. These machines employ central impression technology for printing roll to roll or roll to sheet. The Centraflex can also be used for other substrates, including films, tickets, packaging and meat casings.

These presses are also ideal for small spaces, offering operators 250 and 330mm web widths. Two drying systems are also available with this line: infra-red and UV. The Centraflex is offered with a standard central drum as well as a large diameter, temperature-controlled, central drum.

Although the industry demand for improved quality, higher output, faster production, less wastage and less downtime continues to increase, the above options for flexo-printing have and continue to exceed the expectations of operators and customers.

Increase your productivity with modern flexographic printing technology

Printing businesses can benefit from recent innovations in flexo-printing to cut production costs and increase print capacity. To find out more about the latest industry trends and technologies, please download our new Ultimate Guide to Flexo-Printing. This free eBook contains useful information about the advantages of flexo-printing, how it is used and how to access the best equipment.

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