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The Benefits Of Buying Your Flexo Printing Machines From A Trusted Flexographic Printing Press Manufacturer

Posted by David Lee on Mar 22, 2017 9:16:00 AM

The Benefits Of Buying Your Flexo Printing Machines From A Trusted Flexographic Printing Press Manufacturer.png

So you’ve set a realistic budget for your flexo-printing machine purchase and have started to look for the best press manufacturers. You may have heard that you can obtain lower-cost presses from Asian-based manufacturers. It is true that manufacturers in Taiwan, China and South Korea can save you a bit of money up front. However, before you sign your money away there are other factors to consider.


Subcontracting In The Printing Industry

Some Far Eastern printing press manufacturers have a fairly limited in-house operation. They bridge the gap by subcontracting most aspects of their manufacture. This offers much benefit to the local businesses usually doing the subcontracting work! However, quality control is a big issue for you, the customer. When so many manufacturers are involved in making all parts of the flexo-printing press, it is impossible to ensure consistent quality or confirm the quality of all suppliers being used to provide the materials.

As a result, the quality of flexo-presses purchased from Chinese manufacturers can be worryingly inconsistent. For the customer this means there are no guarantees; you may get a reasonable press, delivered on time or you may not; it all depends on the quality of suppliers and manufacturers at the time your press was being built.

Buying From A Trader Or Manufacturer

Do you know who you are talking too regarding your serious investment…sadly in a lot of cases you won’t know if you are negotiating with a trader or manufacturer…until things go wrong. The UK , American & European manufacturers have a network of Agents & representatives to make your purchase easier and prevent expensive mistakes in translation.

It Matters Where Your Press Is Built

The UK, America and Europe represent a powerful trio in terms of flexo-printing innovation. The first modern flexo-printing process was developed in the UK, and in the 1940s, American businesses blazed a trail by successfully printing food packaging for the first time. Today, British companies are leading the pack in the digital platemaking and flexo-printing realm.

European countries, including Italy and Germany continue to make impressive advances in print machinery. In the UK, our focus continues to be on designing presses that are even more energy efficient, versatile and faster than their predecessors. It is this kind of innovation that results in top-quality printing presses that offer customers the highest possible value.

Visit The Manufacturer:

Any good manufacturer will be delighted that you viist the factory & showroom for live demonstration, get to know the sales & technical team. There should be no rush, take your time and discuss special applications so they can suggest the best specification within your budget.

Short-Term Savings Vs. Long-Term ROI

It is tempting to choose a flexo-press that can save you thousands of pounds off the cost. However, will it provide your business with additional value in the form of direct access to the press workshop, a support team or the backing of international manufacturing standards?

Purchasing from a trusted printing press manufacturer such as Focus Label Machinery will allow you to know how your machine is being manufactured, as well as give you peace of mind in terms of access to technical and operational support. We also offer training, troubleshooting and advice when you need it.

British, American and European manufacturers all build their presses under the watchful eye of international standards that require no less than the highest quality components. That means any machine you purchase will have been manufactured and assembled by trained and experienced engineers every time.

Purchasing UK-Made Presses

Investing in a British-made flexo-press has distinct advantages. Because each press is made with quality materials and access to knowledgeable support is only a phone call or email away, your business can pass along the benefits of consistent quality and guarantees for timely order completion onto your customers.

At Focus our team offers consultation, bespoke print solutions, technical and after-sales support, as well as reliable materials, components and engineering knowledge. Our support will extend to helping your team become experts in the operation of your press with stellar training, as well as in the supply of spare components whenever they are needed.

In conclusion, you get far more value for money when purchasing a flexo-press from a trusted flexographic printing press manufacturer, such as Focus. Have a look at our new, free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Flexo-Printing. It contains helpful hints and tips that can assist you in making the right choice of capital investment for your business. Click here to download your copy.

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