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Staying Ahead In The Label Printing Business In 2018: Our FREE Investment Guide

Posted by David Lee on Jan 10, 2018 10:20:00 AM

Staying Ahead In The Label Printing Business In 2018 Our FREE Investment Guide.jpg

2017 has been a hectic and interesting year for the labels/Packaging and textile label printing business. Trends have developed and a lot has changed, often in surprising directions. The long heralded decline of flexographic printing has not only failed to materialise, but the opposite has in fact occurred. Wedded to digital printing technologies in a new generation of hybrid printing presses, flexographic methodologies and technologies are still going strong – offering unparalleled flexibility and productivity to enterprising businesses. Whatever else can be said of this year, whether uncertainty in the market due to Brexit, fluctuating currency prices, and pressure from Chinese manufacturers; it is the companies who have been bold enough to invest in new technological solutions that have reaped the most benefit from these changes.


New Investment For 2018?

As the year draws to a close, you may be considering investing in new plant in 2018, or you may plan to play it safe and make do with what you’ve got. Making a decision not to invest in new equipment is understandable, especially if your kit is still productive and in good working order. However, what we have seen in the past few years is the gap between newer and older generations of printing press becoming ever wider. This gap makes itself clear in productivity, training requirements, speed, energy consumption and versatility. By every conceivable criteria, new printing presses are cheaper, more productive and simply better than their older counterparts.

Is Playing It Safe Really An Option?

Whether or not to invest your capital is a careful decision you need to make. It is not for us to pressure you into a decision one way or another. But we do want to equip you with all the facts. In a rapidly changing market, there isn’t a neutral position. Choosing not to invest in new technologies is an active choice, not simply the default. You need to weigh up whether the advantage you give to competitors by not buying into the new technologies is worth the money you save by putting off your capital outlay. It isn’t always an easy or straightforward decision, regardless of how affordable new equipment is, or the availability of finance plans.

Making The Right Decision

Earlier in the year we released a free e-book, called How To Stay Ahead In The Label Printing Business. Our argument in this guide is that the industry is at a rare crossroads moment. Market dynamics are changing whether we like it or not, towards shorter print runs and variable order requirements. We make the case that it is actually cheaper in the long term to invest now in emerging technology than it is to put off your investment until financial conditions are more favourable. The advantage new tech gives you easily outweighs the financial risk. Many businesses who have invested this year are already seeing good returns for their capital.

Click here to download the e-book and come to an informed decision. We are very happy to discuss your situation with you in person too, and come up with a plan that matches your business goals and budget. Call us today on 01949 836223.

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