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How To Reduce Your Flexo Press Lifetime Repair Bill

Posted by David Lee on Oct 18, 2018 10:43:50 AM

How To Reduce Your Flexo Press Lifetime Repair Bill

A printing press requires regular maintenance in order to keep it operating in tip-top shape. Keeping your printing press well maintained doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. By following a few simple guidelines you can minimise your lifetime flexo printing press repair bill and keep it operating at maximum efficiency.


Keeping your printing press clean and well lubricated is the very basic maintenance activity that can be done in-house on a regular basis. You can also keep stock on hand of the most important consumables and parts that you may need in the event of a breakdown. Having a stock of critical parts available allows you to replace troublesome parts without having to wait for a supplier delivery. 

Using Sacrificial Gears To Protect Expensive Components

By using sacrificial gears you can prevent extremely costly repairs altogether. Some critical and expensive motors in a printing press can be paired with sacrificial gears which will break in the event of a serious problem. Because the gear is designed to break at a lower force than would be required to damage the drive unit the more expensive motor is protected.

The downside of sacrificial gears is that they can wear down very easily and might need replacement often in high workload situations. Keeping enough sacrificial gears on hand is essential to minimise the risk of downtime. By having stock on hand any damaged gears can be replaced in a matter of minutes and printing can resume. 

Why Keeping Stock On Hand Makes Financial Sense 

Ensuring that you always have stock of the most critical parts used by your printing press can save you a lot of money. When your printing press is not running because of a failed component it is not generating any revenue. Often suppliers need some lead time in order to deliver the required parts, which can mean longer downtime. By having stock on hand you can eliminate this problem completely and resume printing operations with as small a delay as possible.

The cost of carrying stock is often negated by the savings in reduced downtime. This alone makes it worth your while to stock up on critical parts. 

Maintaining Your Printing Press To Reduce Repair Bills

One of the biggest reasons for high repair bills is the neglect of routine maintenance. By regularly servicing your printing press and performing routine maintenance you can reduce the risk of running into a serious and costly breakdown. A well-maintained printing press will also be more efficient and deliver better quality prints. If you ensure that your printing press is well maintained your bottom line will thank you in the long run.

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