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Enhance Your Label Printing Machinery At The Label Expo 2017!

Posted by David Lee on Aug 24, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Enhance Your Label Printing Machinery At The Label Expo 2017!.png

There is still time to purchase your tickets to Europe’s biggest printing technology event, The Label Expo Europe 2017, taking place in Brussels on 25th to 28th September. We are really excited about taking part in the Expo as exhibitors, where we will be demonstrating some of our newest printing presses. Label Expo is one of the best places to test the pulse of emerging print technologies and see for yourself how the latest label printing machinery can save you money and boost operational efficiency.


We will be giving live demonstrations of each of the following printing presses throughout the Expo:

  • D-Flex Digital Inkjet Press.
  • REFLEX S Servo Converting System - our innovative new off-line finishing solution for pre -printed webs.
  • Proflex SE - our compact, servo driven modular press, available with flexible print widths and multiple drying systems.
  • Latest LX range of printed equipment for the Garment & Apparel label sectors.

Discover The Latest Trends In The Label Printing Industry

Even if you’re not currently in the market for new label printing machinery, it is well worth the effort of attending the Expo. All the major print technology developers will be there, so at the very least you can compare prices, weigh up the costs and benefits of a new investment, and experience practical demonstrations of the latest machines. It is also one of the leading networking events in the print industry, a chance to catch up with old friends and colleagues, and forge new relationships with potential suppliers and customers. Last year’s Expo attracted over 30,000 visitors, with 90% of them being managers and decision makers.

A Step Change In Print Technology Efficiency

The changes in label printing technology over the last few years have been nothing short of staggering. Enhanced digital printing, control systems, reduced change over times and increased flexibility are giving companies that adopt new technology a decisive edge over their competitors.

The reasons for this? Improved productivity and a reduced technical learning curve mean you can cut back on staff expenses – redeploying skilled staff to other areas of your business and rearranging your shift patterns. Reduced overheads mean you can charge lower prices or increase your profit margin. Furthermore, cost-effective printing on both short and long print runs, combined with great flexibility in image use and design, means you can offer your clients a wider range of services than before.

Clients in the label printing industry expect more these days from their print suppliers, due in large part to the development of responsive print technologies. The companies who can provide the service their clients need, at the right price and the right delivery timeframe, will get a large share of an expanding market.

Join Thousands Of Label Printing Industry Professionals At The Label Expo

This is why thousands of label printing businesses will be attending the Expo next month: to find out how emerging technologies can enhance your existing machines, improve efficiency, cut costs and exceed client expectations. Simply attending the Expo will open your eyes to recent developments in package printing technology – and let you see it in action.

So buy your tickets now and join us in Brussels in September. We look forward to showing you our latest printing machines and explaining the benefits you can expect to see when you invest in new equipment for your business.

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