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Creating A Business Case For Moving To Servo Label Printing Machines

Posted by David Lee on Nov 8, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Creating A Business Case For Moving To Servo Label Printing Machines - NEW.png

Which printing machines do you currently use for printing labels? The Label industry is witnessing a switch these days as more and more companies move towards servo powered equipment for all their label printing needs. Is that really essential? Well, it obviously depends on the needs of your business, but if you want to stay ahead over the coming few years, then consider the answer to be a huge yes. That being said, let us see why a servo driven machine is one of the best choices for label printing.


Servo & Non Servo

What is the difference between a servo driven printing press and one that isn’t – a so called non-servo machine? Servo drives are electronic amplifiers that allows a printing press to automatically adjust print parameters when they deviate from expected norms. This allows a wide range of performance tuning, including precision prints on demanding substrates, and a flexible approach to printing with fast turnover times. Servo driven presses also exhibit an impressive level of automation, reducing operational requirements. They can also be programmed to intelligently adjust print parameters during a print run, correcting for errors and reducing wastage.

The packaging industry employs servo motors in rotary printing machines, which use a flexible printing medium to print on any surface with ease. A servo label machine can be best described as a hybrid solution that uses the traditional flexo printing plates, but digital machinery to smartly sense the printing area and employ colour on any label material.

Generally, servo equipment provides a shaft less drive, covering all main media transport areas, and allowing for standardised operational procedures. So if accurate repeatability is desired, these machines deliver precision results across thousands of print runs. A servo driven printing press will deliver guaranteed results on any substrate using stored print programmes – which can be accessed at the flick of a button on some models.  

The main features of a servo-driven printing press include…

Print Modules

In Servo presses, modular printing stations feature open design systems that easily allow the print cylinder to be loaded and impressions to be set -- the process ensures that no running defects are observed on the labels. In terms of features, you can usually select between a open flexographic system and enclosed ink fountain technology.

Digital Inkjet

Digital servo equipment is available either as mono or full colour systems. Typical machines operate at speeds between 60 and 80 mts per minute at a resolution of 1000 dpi. If you opt for a complete hybrid solution, you can get features that enable label personalisation, variable data, packaging and ticketing applications. The system allows you to measure & control your production easily, and results in lower servicing costs.

Unwind Module

The unwind module features a diameter of 1000 to 1200mm, attached to a servo closed loop system tension system. A splice table is built-in with the equipment. Other features available include Corona and Web Cleaning systems and Automatic Web Guide.

Servo Drive

Shaft less servo equipment runs on PLC technology, which allows multiple substrates to be adjusted quickly. Since the system is closed loop, tension zones are created with ascertain fine tolerance. Setting times and wastage are decreased proportionally to the level of automation allowed by the system.

Operator Interface

The operator can control the servo equipment through a touch screen, featuring a user friendly interface. Intuitive icons shown on the screen can be played around with to adjust functions and data. If required, specifications can be stored for repeated jobs and tasks. The system can also be integrated with a management system, providing real time analysis of important print metrics.

The Future Of The Label Printing Industry

At Focus Label we manufacture and design a range of market leading commercial printing presses for label and textile businesses around the world. Committed to innovation, we are one of the industry’s leading flexo and hybrid print developers: offering high quality machines at competitive prices. To find out more about future trends in the label printing industry, please click here to download our free guide: How To Stay Ahead In The Label Printing Industry.

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