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Why Buying A Flexo Label Printing Machine Will Be One Of The Most Significant Purchases You Will Make

Posted by David Lee on Apr 5, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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There may be many reasons why you want to invest in a new flexo printing press for your label production. The most common reason many businesses purchase a new machine is that they wish to increase their margins on production or capacity. With its high speeds, quality output and many available features, your new press will certainly accomplish that.

In fact, your flexo label printing machine will affect your productivity at every level, making it one of the most significant purchases you will make, and for several reasons.


Lower Production Costs 

Investing in a new press means that you are investing in lower printing costs throughout the lifecycle of the machine. Today’s machines are not only faster than older generations, but they are more efficient, producing far less in terms of waste. Today’s presses are also smarter; many tasks are now able to be automated, which means the machine can make immediate adjustments according to job type and size, roll tension and several other factors. When it’s all said and done, your business will greatly reduce its material and production costs.

Increased Capacity

A new machine will also increase the number of labels you can print in a working shift, leading to greater output. Modern machines are not only capable of producing labels faster than ever before, but can significantly lessen downtime between job changes. Investing in this kind of powerful machinery communicates to customers that their satisfaction is your top priority. You will very soon start to see a good return on your investment through faster order fulfilment and greater capacity.

The Latest Technology

Being able to stay on top of technology can be a tricky business, that if overcome can benefit you in ways that go beyond increased revenue. For instance, investing in modern, less labour-intensive flexo label printing machines, frees up staff resources for up-skilling or redeployment elsewhere. This will serve to boost morale, as well as ensure your shop floor team are ready to handle the next round of new printing technology that you invest in.

Reduced Returns

Modern print technology is increasing both the quality and the accuracy of products being produced. And label printing is no exception. Returns cost both money and time to rectify, which can ultimately cost you your reputation. However, when investments are made in machinery which helps you avoid these kinds of problems, you can spend more time on those activities which contribute to higher revenue, such as customer services and product innovation.

Environmental Benefits

Every business wants to be greener. For label printing businesses, the highest environmental cost can be the wastage produced by their print runs. Not only can this waste not always be reused, but it also creates the need to order materials more frequently. The flexo label presses currently available on the market create very little material waste, saving you money and time.

Purchasing a new flexo label printing press that helps you do all of the things above can help to clear the way, allowing you to see where your business is earning the most revenue so that you can place your time, money and effort into those areas that grow your business even further. That being said, it’s crucial that you choose a printing machinery manufacturer, such as Focus, who has invested in continued innovation through in-house design using the highest quality components, and has a team with lengthy engineering experience and software expertise. 

Making Sense Of Your Flexo-Printing Investment

Buying a new flexographic printer is a significant capital investment that has the potential to revolutionise your operation. New print technologies allow reorganisation of your shop floor to cut your costs and get a better margin on your products. For a better understanding of flexo-printing and how you can achieve the best ROI for your firm, please download our Ultimate Guide To Flexo-Printing. Our technical sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our print technology and how you can make the best investment decision for your business. Call us to find out more.

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