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A Brief Guide To Label Converting Machinery

Posted by David Lee on Jan 4, 2018 2:52:23 PM

A Brief Guide To Label Converting Machinery - NEW.png

The label converting process is an important part of label manufacturing. It consists of a number of processes that take place after printing; all with an essential role to play in producing the final labels. Each operation is supported by specialised equipment, which is sometimes used independently, or as modules as part of a larger printing plant.


Converting is mostly associated with flexographic printing. A basic label converting machinery set up could consist simply of the flexographic press itself, used alongside a winding/unwinding machine. Supporting equipment may include die cutters and foil stamps. These ensure that labels of different sizes, layouts and substrates can be dealt with accurately and quickly, while maintaining the required quality.

Here’s a very brief guide to the main types of converting equipment and what they are used for:

Die cutting machinery: A die cutter makes an incision around the label, slicing through the top layer while leaving the backing substrate untouched. To maintain accuracy, a die cutting machine must be closely coordinated with the different print sections. Die cutters can be used independently, but are often found as modules attached directly to flexographic printing presses. Die Cutting tools systems can be Flat cutting systems, semi or fully Rotary systems technology.

Metal foil stamps: Metallic foil is used to enhance labels used on a number of products, such as wine labels and invitations. The label itself is usually printed first, then embellished with metallic detail. Two types of foil can be used: metallic foils to give a 2-D gold, bronze, silver or copper appearance to text or graphics; and holographic foils, which create a 3-D image by use of a digital hologram and two or more layers of prismatic foil. Foils are applied by Hot Stamp technology or more recently using U.V adhesives.

Unwind & Re-winding machinery: The Unwind carries a master roll of substrate and is designed to maintain constant Tension and guide the Substrate into the Press for printing & converting. Rewinders are used collect the finished product roll  or to remove any waste substrate material left over after label cutting. Finished Printed Rolls of labels may go through a secondary Rewinding & Inspection process before being delivered to the end client.

Custom Label Converting Machinery

At Focus Labels we supply a wide range of converting & finishing machinery to meet the needs of almost any label printing scenario. Our in-house manufacturing team can customise any of our existing equipment, or even design completely bespoke machinery to give you the best value from your investment.

Speak to one of our technical sales team to find out more about our solutions and how they could fit in with your business goals. Call us on 01949 836 223, or request a call back by emailing admin@focuslabel.com.

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