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4 Of The Best Flexo-Printing Machines Out There Right Now!

Posted by David Lee on Feb 2, 2017 5:15:00 PM

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Today’s flexo printing industry demands machinery that can print economically small & large volume orders , maintaining the highest print quality with as little waste as possible and the higher the output and faster the production, the better. However one printing line does not suit all requirements , often equipment has to be tailored to individual needs or specific requirements. some of today’s best printing lines combine all of the above as well as offering a number of innovative features to help printers achieve their individual production goals.


1) The Professional d-Flex

With ever decreasing sizes of orders & the need to combine variable data, the d-Flex line offers a professional and cost-effective solution. This press, a combination of inkjet technology and flexo , is capable of printing variable data and full colour images. However, it doesn’t stop there; the d-Flex includes options to over print/varnish & full converting & finishing facilities in a single pass.

1000DPI high resolution & a single-colour full rotary system feature allows vibrant full colour images, variable data & print over existing varnishes and coatings, and is also capable of printing on a wide range of substrates. Full rotary die-cutting, cold foiling and slitting are also important features of the d-Flex that allow finished labels to be produced in a single pass minimising turn-around time & waste . The d-Flex’s ability to complete every job in record time puts it well ahead of traditional multi pass printing & finishing methods.

2) The Compact And Powerful Proflex

Producing quality labels whilst reducing change-over times is key for today’s printers. The brand new Proflex line of compact flexo presses helps printers increase productivity, making use of powerful combination drying systems, print widths of up to 330mm with servo or precision line shaft drives. The Proflex design focuses on reducing material wastage when compared to similar equipment on the market.

Operators will have the benefit of easy loading tooling with the Proflex, which has been designed with open architecture print stations. These stations allow print cartridges to be partially or fully exchanged or unloaded.

The overhead rail mounted system like allows a number of options to be positioned such as Turn Bar, Delam Relam , Cold Foil , Lamination & Ink Jet. All models in this line also feature touch screens, which provide the operator with full control over press function, as well as one-touch access to stored print run or reference information.

As flexo print technology continues its evolution, print job speed and quality will only continue to increase and be added to new and existing industry-leading presses.

3) The Versatile e-Flex

When full and independent control of all aspects of the print job is desired, the e-Flex line may be the best choice. The full Servo machine, Print widths of up to 330mm are possible with the e-Flex, as are a range of drying systems, from infrared to UV & LED . Jobs can be printed on this modular platform & enhanced through a rail system mounted options including digital Ink jet for variable & personalised print applications. This range makes uninterrupted production possible, thanks to the ability to clean print-cartridge assembly’s off-press to maximise productivity.

This press’s twin servo drives bestow complete control over substrate and image quality, as well as facilitate quick press set-up, essential for unsupported substrates. The press comes with useful pre-registered & Auto register settings and one-touch setup options, making it quick and easy to prepare a print run. Printing & converting can be roll to sheet or roll to roll, with many possible substrates, including films, cartons, tickets and security labels, in addition to traditional labels.

4) The Durable Centraflex

More demanding substrates require a printer that can exceed expectations. The Centraflex compact press is powered by central impression technology for roll to sheet or roll to roll printing on a wide range of substrates, including meat casings, plastic films and packaging. These presses are incredibly compact but also very powerful, providing web widths of up to 330mm as well as UV and infrared drying systems.

In addition to the substrates mentioned above, the Centraflex can also print pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive labels in up to 6 colours. Operators will appreciate the high quality with which the Centraflex can print onto traditionally demanding substrates.

What’s New In Flexo-Printing?

2017 is set to be an exciting and innovative year for print technology manufacturers. To find out more about the latest developments in flexo-printing and how to get the best value for your operation, please click here to download our free Ultimate Guide to Flexo-Printing.

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